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Updated on January 03, 2010
S.F. asks from Lebanon, NJ
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Hi, I recently started using Playtex Drop In bottles for my 3 week old daughter and am having trouble measuring the ounces on the bottle. When I put the drop in in the bottle and pour the liquid in, it isnt the same amount measured on the side as if I were to measure the ounces in a measuring cup and then pour it in. Has anyone else had this issue and how do you do it? I have been measuring the ounces outside the bottle and pouring it in.
Also, I am breastfeeding and supplementing with 2-4 ounces of formula per day, depending on her hunger/my milk supply. At one feeding, how many ounces foumula should a 3 week old get?

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answers from New York on

FYI- just make sure that the drop ins do not have BPA



answers from New York on

I have the same issue! I just fill it up to the top. I figure that compensates for the volume of formula.
Don't over think it! Congrats!

Best, J



answers from New York on

I found the same problem with the drop ins.. Its kind of defeats the purpose of being so easy but I ended up pouring it into a regular bottle first to measure the ounces and then into the drop ins. I ended up switching back to Advent shortly after : )



answers from New York on

Hi S.,

I used the drop-ins as well. You just have to make sure you buy the right drop-ins to match the bottles you have. The four ounce bottles can hold more if you buy the expandable drop-ins, as well as the eight ounce bottles and 10 ounce expandable drop-ins.

Although they are difficult to see, the actually drop-ins have graduations on the side to see how many ounces they are actually holding.

I loved using these bottles - once you are used to them, I hope you do too!! :)

Good luck,



answers from Rochester on

Hello! My son was 4 weeks old yesturday and he takes about 4 oz. of formula when he has it. I also bf as well, but I find that isn't aenough for him so I do both. That way I know he's getting the nutrients of bf but getting the volume from formula. But I would say don't worry about how much he is getting per say. I make my son a 4 oz. bottle and whatever he takes is fine by me. When you are using the powder, 4 oz. is two scoops. I scoop for every 2 ozs. is the measurement with powder formula.



answers from New York on

I used those for a couple weeks in the begining until my milk came in fully and went to bf completely. I really liked the drop ins a lot because it was easy to clean up and I don't remember having a problem measuring. I think 1 scoop of formula goes for 4 ounces of water. At 3 weeks, a baby really varies on how much they eat in one feeding. I think 4 ounces in one feeding is about average. My son hated bottles so I never got him to have more than 2 ounces but I know people with babies who had 6 ounces at a feeding at that age. Good for you for supplementing with breastmilk...try to nurse as well if you can, if you are having problems, see a professional, that way you can avoid measuring issues (among other wonderful benefits!)

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