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Updated on September 30, 2008
E.M. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
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It had been 12 years for me having an infant! I am waiting for my 2nd child to come any day now. I have the drop ins for the playtex bottles. How do mothers heat the formula up now? I plan on making the formula ina pitcher and putting in the fridge and just pouring it in the bag, but can you boil the bag? I used to but it was a while ago?? PLease help..Take care

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answers from Harrisburg on

I use playtex bottles, what I do is fill up a coffee cup 1/2 way with water and then put it in the microwave for about a minute or min 1/2 and then place the bottle in the heated water. I would not boil the bags. This works great for me!

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answers from Scranton on

Run the bag under hot water from your facuet. I use the ventair bottles and cheapie walmart parents choice bottles..and that's how I always did it. Or sometimes if it wasn't a *rush* I'd put hot water into a cup and let the bottle soak a lil.

I breastfed the first 2 months so my little one was used to warm milk. I had to warm it up the next two months, but as he got a lil older I slowly switched to tap water and now he likes drinking them cold.



answers from Philadelphia on

I used to just heat up some water and after the water got hot-not boiling. I would shut it off and place the bottle or the bag in the water for a little bit



answers from Pittsburgh on

I used to just scoop out the desired amount into the liner and fill it with luke warm tap water. Our ped was big on using tap water and not bottled so it worked out well. Some one once told me also to get your baby used to drinking their formula at room temp to make it easier on yourself when you travel out of the house. Good luck!



answers from Allentown on

I used the Playtex drop ins for both of my kids. With the first one I used the liquid formula and would warm it up by placing the bottle in a pot of hot water from the sink. With the second child I used the powder formula instead and used room temperature water. I never warmed it up! She was used to room temperature formula and I never had a problem. I recommend doing that because it was SO much easier!!! Hope this helps! Good luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi E.

I have used the playtex drop ins for my first 2 babies and will for my third. I also make the formula in a container so I have enough for a whole day. I have 2 methods to heat up the formula. Put some really hot water in a cup and then sit the bottle in the cup for a bit, takes awhile, baby is hungry... but it works. Second, I use the microwave. I know everyone is giving a shocked/horrified sigh right now. I heat the formula inside the bottle and liner with no lid for 10 to 15 seconds shake it up real well- test it on my arm, and then use it. As the quantity of formula increases I have to increase the heating time. I've never had a problem using the microwave, all of the instructions say not to, but I do it anyway...



answers from Lancaster on

Congrats! I can't answer your question but I can say that I absolutely hated those bags. It took too long to get the air out as my son was screaming to eat! I used Vent Aire by Playtex and they are a God send!
Good luck



answers from Pittsburgh on

I used playtex bottle with both my kids.

For child 1 -(forumla only) - microwaved a mug of water and then sat bottle in the mug of warmed water for about 2 minutes or got a large plastic cup of hot tap water and sat bottle in there for a few minutes (this was usually the middle of the night method). The day care used a bottle warmer.

For child 2 - (breastfed with varying amounts of formula supplementation for 6 months)- microwaved the formula (and now milk) in a mug or creamer pitcher, then poured into the bottle and mixed well to evenly distribute heat.

For both - would sometimes go out with a thermos of hot water (boiled in tea kettle before leaving) and a cup to warm the bottle in.

Good Luck with #2




answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi E.,
I use the playtex bottles also. I don't make a pitcher at a time though, I use powder and mix each bottle as needed. I use tap water and gave both my boys room temperature formula. When we are out, I use bottled water. When I was nursing and using frozen breast milk, I simply placed the bottle in a large cup filled with hot water until the temp of the formula felt right. I don't believe boiling the bags is recommended. Good Luck!



answers from Pittsburgh on

We also used the Playtex Drop-Ins and simply used room temperature tap water to mix with the formula powder, or bottled water when we were out and about. Our daughter always seemed fine with it. I have read that there is actually no health-related reason the formula needs to be heated up - it is just a question of what your child is used to - and if they are used to room temperature formula, you will have greater flexibility and won't have to always find a way to heat the formula.

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