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Updated on May 29, 2011
L.A. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
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Ladies -

Do any of you use a play pen/ play yard? we live in a small apt. our DS is about 7 months old. He is mobile, but not yet crawling. He can manage to army crawl, sit and flip his way quite a distance. He's alright in the exersaucer, and in the jumperoo. People have suggested a playpen or playyard, and that we introduce it now when baby is more maleable rather than later.

Any thoughts on this one?

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answers from El Paso on

I have a playpen/play yard that i used with my now 2 year old. She wasn't particularly keen on it, so mostly I just used it as a travel crib or to keep her in a safe place in the bathroom with me while I took a shower. Even with the small amount of time that I used it for, though, I would say it was worth it.

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answers from Chicago on

Yes, I've never left my kids in there a long time...An hour at a time at most...simply put if you have to throw a load of laundry in the washer...take a shower, tend to the other kids....especially when the little ones become mobile. Its amazing how fast they can get away from you. I see no harm in it...

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answers from New York on

I think it depends on your child. My son loved his exersaucer and could occupy himself for quite some time. BUT he did not like to be left in the play yard. Even with toys in there he would cry. I think it was because he coudn't see me if he was in there and just standing up was boring. I loved the idea of a playpen but it didn't work out well for us.


answers from Dallas on

I've used the Super Yard XL for both of my kids. I work full time on the computer so I needed something that would keep them corralled but give plenty of room. They are great and a huge peace of mind since they can't get into something that would be harmful. I would definitely introduce it now to help him get used to it. :)



answers from New York on

Play yards are fine for times when you need the child to be in one place -- while you're getting ready in the morning and can't supervise him well, for instance. They are not good for routine use in my opinion.

Babies learn by exploring. They experience different textures, colors, tastes in the world around them. They get into everything because they are curious and learning a mile a minute. Obviously, you need to keep them safe -- that's what baby proofing is for! Now that my baby is really getting into everything, I generally don't let her get too far out of my sight anyway.



answers from Omaha on

We had a play yard and loved it!! I think it is called the Super Yard XL. Very versatile and sturdy.



answers from New York on

It is probablly too late at this point. I always started putting my kids in at
about a month old just so they got used to it. With four kids ages, 3,2,1, and a newborn I always needed a place where baby would be safe. They
did not spend an extended amount of time in it, I just wanted to know that
I could put them someplace when I had to and they were happy there.



answers from Oklahoma City on

We have a play corral and a pack n play. It is very nice to put the play corral together and put it on a quilt. I know the kids would be busy and involved. The pack n play was wonderful with it's see through sides. The kids could see me and I could talk to them while fixing dinner or other activities.



answers from Chicago on

They are great if you need to keep the child contained so you can do other things--like shower or cook dinner. They also make great extra beds if you travel. It is easier to introduce when they are younger but it is not an absolute necessity. I did not use one for my youngest beyond a month.

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