Play Kitchens-Little Tikes and Step2

Updated on December 05, 2006
M.C. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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I've been doing research on play kitchens for a few weeks and I just can't decide. I like the Little Tikes two sided kitchen but have read the doors pop and seems like it might be a bit cheap. I like the Upscale PartyTime Kitchen due to the spoon holders, spice rack, and the side counters. I like the Lifestyle Dream Kitchen because it has the fridge up high and has more storage. Any experience out there with kitchens and what do you have to say about the one you have or the three I have listed? Which one should I go with?

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So What Happened?

I ordered a Lifestyle Dream Kitchen just because it looks better than the Little Tykes and has lots of storage and real sounding equipment and I found a good deal on-line.

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Hi P C-
I did buy my girls the Step 2 Lifestyle kitchen last year for Christmas and I love it(they do too of course). They did get a little tikes the year before and that was nothing but problems. I have found if you pay a little bit more with the kitchens they will not get ruined as fast. My girls cook up everything on their kitchen and I would highly recommend the Step 2. I got mine at Mills Fleet Farm last year because it was cheaper there than anyone else.
Good Luck-

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We have a Lifestyle kitchen & love it! The girls (almost 4 & 14 months) play with it daily. We've had it for a year, and hours of play (together, with friends, with grandparents) it is still a hit--highly recommended!

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We have the step 2 kitchen, and my kids LOVE it. We have twins who are almost 4, and another child almost 2- and they all play with it. We haven't had any problems with it at all.

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My 5 year old has my Little Tykes kitchen from when I was little (1985) grandma saves everything! Anyways I really like that there is a sink, and oven doors to stash things away but the best part is attached table that also folds down. My daughter eats at the table and colors at the table and does everything at the table.It sits in the corner of our kitchen so it's convienant for her to play at or use whenever I'm in the kitchen.

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