Play Kitchen for 2 Toddlers

Updated on March 13, 2011
E.G. asks from New Florence, PA
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I told my daughter that once she was potty trained that I would get her a kitchen. So now she's been using the potty successfully - only one accident last week (yeah!) - I need to purchase a kitchen that will be here for her birthday next month. Which kitchen do you have? What are the pros & cons? Which kitchen would you recommend? At the moment, I am considering either the Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen or Little Tikes Cookin' Creations Kitchen. Price is not huge factor. One thing to consider is that we have two daughters that are 20 months apart. Thanks for your help!

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So What Happened?

We bought the Little Tikes Deluxe Wooden Kitchen & Laundry Center. The girls LOVE it!

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answers from Allentown on

We have step 2 kitchen that I got when my daughter was 3 she is now almost 6, it has held up wonderfully. Step 2 is a great company, however I sort of wish I had gotten a wooden kitchen. the step two does have realistic sounds for the oven, stove and microwave, but it is a bit small. I wish I would have gotten a larger step two or a large wooden one.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I like the step 2 grand walk-in kitchen. I like the little tikes gourmet prep n serve kitchen, they used to sell it with a grill that was attached but not sure if that was a bundle deal or not. I like the kidcraft red vintage kitchen too, but I like that retro rockabilly-type look



answers from Augusta on

Little tykes makes great stuff, you should look at yard sales you can usually find one at at least one for 30$ or less.



answers from Washington DC on

We have a Step 2 kitchen and love it! We bought it at Walmart a few years ago and it is fantastic. It was easy to put together and has held up really, really well.


answers from Los Angeles on

We just got our girl a kidcraft retro kitchen from walmart. It was shipped within a week, came very well packaged, and is increadibly sturdy (our girl is pretty rough with things). I couldn't be happier. We also secured our to the wall for safety. One of the things I liked was that you can order replacement parts directly from kidkraft.
If you do site to store, they can estimate the time it will arrive.
Good Luck.



answers from Cincinnati on

we got my son this kitchen at the dollar store, it has a bunch of pots and pans, a oven, sink, stove, and microwave. it was 10 dollars. I dont remember the name of it but they sell it for $15-20 at walmart (depending on if it is on sale)



answers from Chicago on

we got our daughter teh wooden kidcraft kitchen set. its very sturdy so will last long. its normally $270 but is onsale on amazon right now for $150. it doesnt have the lights/sounds that little tykes/step 2 have but is a little more "grown up" looking so our daughter loved it.


answers from New York on

We have the 50's dinner from Step 2 and we love it. It is great for 2 or more kids to play, the sits are the right size for kids but my 13 year old can fit too. I love the music box, very cute, I totally recommended it.



answers from Dallas on

We have the wooden one from Target and love it. We bought it because of space. We wanted a little one for our small home. The year we bought it, it was blue. They change the color and style just a bit every year. I'm just not a fan on plastic. We've had our for nearly 4 years and it's been through my two kids. Still holding up well. Good luck.



answers from Fort Wayne on

I got my kids a Step 2 play kitchen and it's fabulous!!!!!! It was really easy to put together and is STURDY. The one we have has 2 cabinets, a microwave, an oven and a refrigerator. I was worried about the doors coming off or getting broken, but they've held up really well. We've had it for over 2 years and it still looks like it just came out of the box (if you ignore the "art" my youngest put on the counter). That's the one we have. It's big enough for a couple of kids to play with it at the same time with out taking up all of our play area.

I really wanted this one but we just didn't have the room.

I have several Step 2 products, including an outdoor playhouse and a little slide/swingset thing, and they've all held up very nicely.



answers from Allentown on

We got my daughter the KidKraft kitchen. It's sturdy and delightfully bright. She's had it for 2 years, and she's tough on things -- but it's still going strong. Love it. I imagine we'll have it for a few more years, easily (and have no trouble passing it on). It did take a long time to assemble, but it was not difficult - just time-consuming. Packaging was fine.

Not only does my daughter love it - but also any of her young friends (or even her older cousins, boys & girls alike). We outfitted it with some excellent wool felt play foods, some wooden cutting foods and inexpensive but nice Ikea cooking pans/utensils. She also has room for her tin tea set and some Plan Toys wooden dishes and utensils. LOTS of storage. OH - and the Phone and the Clock are a huge hit - even after 2 years of play!

If price had been no issue (or room for it), I might have looked more closely at the GuideCraft pieces.


answers from Minneapolis on

If price was not a factor (for my home daycare)..I would have looked closer at the Pottery Barn collections!

But for my daycare I went with a plain wooden one with no doors...mine in the past like to slam the doors on each other and lots of little hands got hurt...but I deal in bulk with kidlets =)

Have fun shopping!



answers from Boston on

We have a step 2 kitchen it's a big hit with every kid that comes over even my older son's friends play with it



answers from Erie on

We got the wooden kitchen from Melissa & Doug. Since we have boys, I love that it isn't too girly. It doesn't make any noises or light up at all, so they are much more creative when playing with it. For a fiberboard toy, it is one of the sturdiest that I have seen - we will hand it down whenever my kids get tired of it (which seems a very long way off). It also seems taller than most of the ones that I saw at the dreaded Toys R Us (don't get me started on how much I hate that chain), so they still play comfortably at it as almost five year olds (with plenty of room to play side by side). Finally, I love that there is enough room inside the doors to store all of their pots & pans, food, plates, cups, etc.

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