Play House/club House or a Swingset?

Updated on April 19, 2013
J.G. asks from Rochelle, IL
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If you had to choose between a club house/ play house or a wooden swingset which would you choose for your children?


I guess I could have given some more information. Sorry about that! My kids, I have a daughter who will be 5 in June and a son who will be 3 in June. So they have some years to grow and use their imagination. The playhouse type building is actually quite large and a wooden structure, not one of the Little Tykes style play houses. I could easily walk around inside one of the styles we are looking at. (Granted I am only 5'4) the swing set, I guess is one of the larger play sets as well. We have just under an acre of land so we have lots of yard space.

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answers from Washington DC on

swingset! They will use it for much longer than a club house. Almost all of the folks I know that have a club house in the yard - they sit empty and get dirty, and then spiders get in there...

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answers from Los Angeles on

I would get one of those big wooden swingset WITH the clubhouse attached.
It will last years & their friends will use it too.
If you get the BIG ones, they will grow into it.
Just watch the 3 yr old when he's going up the ladder into the clubhouse
& maybe get a Lil Tykes house for him to play with on the patio, too.
I love the playsets that are huge and have slides, swings AND climbing
things. They are used for a LONG time & are well worth the money

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answers from San Francisco on

We had both, the swing set got a lot more use than the playhouse. Like someone else said it gets dirty and the spiders move in!
And make sure one of the swings is a trapeze bar with rings, my kids LOVED that!!!

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answers from Austin on

I am planning to build a "playhouse" for my LOs. I put that in quotes because it will actually be a real structure (not plastic or premade) that can be used as an extra "room" for them that will be weatherized and prepped to last for years to come. I figure once they get tired of it - I can use it for my own "playhouse" =)

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answers from Lansing on

Swingset...they outgrow the club/play house way too soon.

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answers from Chicago on

Swingset - the kids can still hide out in the top level of the swingset so it kinda serves the same purpose of a club house.

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answers from Austin on

Even though as a child I wanted a Playhouse more than anything.. still do.. A swing set keeps children more active in the long run..

We used to place sheets over ours to make "tents",, We learned to swing standing, upside down.. The swings could be raised as we got taller.

It was the most used outdoor structure.. in our neighborhood.

Our daughter had a "Castle" Play structure with a slide.. It was cute and she loved it.. But the "Twizzler" was her most favorite outdoor item of all times.. . It hung from a tree.

Other kids loved the "Air Pogo.. It could be hopped on or used as a swing or to spin.. Our daughter also used the one we had hung from a tree.

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answers from Green Bay on

Probably swingset.

When I was younger, we "invented" our clubhouses. One house I lived in had a raised porch (like from 2nd story of house - it was a "bilevel") so we always played under that as a "clubhouse". Or in fall we raked leaves to create the outlines of a "fort". In winter we built snow forts...

During the summer we set up our family camping tent a lot.

A lot of swingsets these days have some sort of clubhouse built in. Otherwise, use your imagination and create your own! :-)

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answers from Seattle on

Definitely a swing set.

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answers from Washington DC on

Depends on the kid. DD plays in the fort part of our swingset ore than on the swings. I'd watch the kid at the park and see what he/she gravitates toward and see if there's a combo structure that would allow both.

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answers from Washington DC on

Both. We're getting a play set that has a little clubhouse, climbing wall, AND swings.

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answers from Chicago on

the swingset with the little fort at the top. the playhouses are good but kids outgrow them really quickly. size wise not the wanting to play in them but physically they outgrow them. a swing set lasts a lot longer than that. we had a wooden playset in our backyard at the last house when we moved out the boys were all in highschool and my daughters children were playing on it. everyone was sad it had to stay at the old house

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Swingsets make insurance go up a bit. We didn't even have them at my child care center because they are the most dangerous toys on the playground. All the play structures are made/built with safety in mind. So I'd go with the safest. Plus more kids can play on the structure and they can do more than just move back and forth.

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answers from New York on

Definitely the club house/play house. Only because I fell off the swings backwards and hit my head once which left me traumatized. I would still swing but no one could push me on the swings. LOL

I still feel that way about the swings. I can swing but please don't push me. LOL

You don't mention how old the kids are but a house that was big enough for them to use even into their teen years would be so much fun.

Personally I'm a climber and would prefer monkey bars or a wall to climb up. Then I only have to concern myself with my fear of heights and getting back down again. LOL.

I think I have way too many fears. Oh well good luck choosing and your kids are blessed to have you.

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answers from New York on

Get a wooden swingset with a club house. We have a great one with a slide and rock climbing wall. Got it at Yoys R Us and it is holding up really well.


answers from Grand Forks on

Do you have access to a playground in your community? I never bought playground equipment for the yard because we have playgrounds nearby, and my kids would rather go to the public playground and play with the other kids than hang out alone in the back yard. If you do have access to other playground equipment then I would say go with the playhouse. The playhouse could also serve as storage when the kids are too big for it. If you don't have any playgrounds nearby I would go with the swingset, but I would get one that has a slide etc.



answers from San Antonio on

My children are 3 an 5. We just moved and left their playscape behind. They talk every day about how they miss their "house", but they never say anything about missing the slide, climbing wall, or swings. We are in the process of deciding what playhouse to buy for them for the backyard. :)
Good Luck!!!



answers from Chicago on

A quality swing set will last longer.

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