Play Area for 3 Babies 1Yr and Under

Updated on July 21, 2008
E.H. asks from Phoenix, AZ
6 answers

OK-this seems like a strange question BUT---
we are having a large (for our small house) get together for our little mama's 1st birthday party. I would like to somehow constuct a small area where we can put all the babies that will be there in so they can play freely with each other while being supervised. I just don't want to have to chase them all over the place the entire time, and want them to be able to play with each other without worrying about them getting into anything. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can 'corral' them or make an area? (Are there specific products for this?) Thanks.

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answers from Las Cruces on

We purchased the Superyard XT when my son was younger. We've used it indoors and out as well as putting it around the fireplace in winter when he was younger, the Christmas tree, and to fence off the part of the house where we remodeled last year. After my son was old enough to not need it, we used it for a puppy pen for a bit. It costs about $65, and you can purchase extenions for it to make it bigger. You can change the shape of it to fit the area you need as it hinges at each 3 foot (i think) section.

Also, when my son was a baby I was able to hook certain play toys to it with those little plastic chains the sell to hold toys to strollers, car seats, etc and he loved crawling around to see each one.

You can do an internet search for it, find it at Babies r Us, etc.

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answers from Phoenix on

We have the same super play yard and liked it a lot. Depending on how many babies you will have at your event, it might be smallish when joined in a circle, but if you can find 2 (used?) and join them, you will get quite a large area. We also used it set a boundary to a straight area by making a zig-zag shape with it, which is not recommended by the manufacturer. My guess is that this is because it could be not that stable if the zig's are not deep enough, but if they are supervised, it works and served us well. When you need to store it, it packs away easy.

Wishing you lots of fun at your party!

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answers from Phoenix on

They ahve some babies r us that are not too expensive but no idea how large they are.

I recently ordered a special product at moonbeams in Scottsdale to corral in my daughter when she's playing; its soft with walls and has a padded seating area but not sure its readily avaialble and you'd want to spend $200+ on it for a party. I think its useful for several years so I made the expense.



answers from Phoenix on

Sounds like you need one of the Super PlayYard XT. Before you go out and buy an expensive brand new play yard, check CraigsList for a used one.



answers from Phoenix on

Hi E.,

Try to get a "play gate" for outside. You can get them at BabysRUs, but I'm not sure for how much. If its to hot outside, then try getting a couple of baby gates for the area that you would like the little ones to play in. You can get them almost any where. I hope that this helps!




answers from Phoenix on

Here's the SuperYard that the other ladies mentioned:

If you don't want to buy one, ask one of the other mom's if they have one they could bring along. No parent should be without one, I my opinion.

Other than that, I would consider arranging some furniture. Perhaps you could move the couches/ottomans/chairs around so they block the babies in. That way, you and your guests can sit and visit while the babies play right in front of you.

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