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Updated on May 20, 2011
R.D. asks from Richmond, VA
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Hey moms! I'm 26 years old, but I am seriously considering getting a tummy tuck. After 3 pregnancies, my boyfriend is DONE with kids, and I'm 99% sure I am too (if I want another baby, we can get a puppy, LOL)... I have all but 5 pounds of extra baby weight to lose, I eat healthy, I (try to) exercise... but the skin on my stomach was stretched past capacity and will never go back without surgery. I have abs under all this skin. The stretch marks are disgusting... I have to wear pants a full size bigger than I am just to accomodate this extra skin. It's like an elastic hair band that stretched until it snapped... that's my stomach. I have recently come upon a good chunk of money, and this may be my only opportunity to get this procedure done. Please share your opinions and personal experiences with me... while I'm excited about the prospect of maybe getting my body back, I'm also very nervous (you've all heard horror stories). So please share with me your experiences, good and bad, as well as what I can expect with a procedure like this. Thanks! SIDE NOTE: After my first daughter, I actually had gone to a plastic surgeon for a consultation. They wouldn't touch me because I still had interest in having more children, they even gave me my deposit back. I just don't want anyone telling me I'm too young for this. I am very serious about it and very interested in making an educated decision :) And yes, to answer Lisa, I have tried every single lotion and oil out there, during and after pregnancy... it's just my stinkin genetics, very prone to stretch marks and less than elastic skin :)

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answers from Dallas on

This is a personal decision and don't let anyone make you feel bad for it!!
I have used this doctor, my sister has, a couple friends and even some of their mothers....he is excellent and you can have a free consultation!

Dr. Ken Smart, M.D....he is in Frisco, his website is

If you have any questions...PLEASE feel free to send me a message! Good Luck!! : )

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answers from Richmond on

I work for 3 plastic surgeons and my suggestion would be if you decide to go ahead with the surgery- do research on the physicians! Make sure they are board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery. There are many physicians out there who are doing plastic and reconstructive surgery on a general license or general surgery license- which scares me to death. I would go to a board certified surgeon for even a minor cosmetic surgery. And a tummy tuck is definately NOT minor- there is alot involved and a big recovery period. Alot of plastics surgeons also deal with skin issues, so they would be able to not only help with the extra skin, but also the stretch marks. Hope this helps!

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answers from Philadelphia on

i would go for it!!! i am pregant with my 4th child, and last. This will be my 4th c-cection and i can relate to the skin problem. i went for a consultation, and they told me to wait till i have the last. i have to lose 65 pds before they will do itm also.

let us kniow how u make out!!



answers from Norfolk on

I'm with you. I'll be the same age at the end of this pregnancy and looking for a good plastic surgeon. Really looking forward to the answers you receive.


answers from Chicago on

So did you go for it? I am curious as I was in my mid forties when I had my partial tummy tuck - BEST decision ever!!! I run races and exercise so I was very frustrated with that extra pooch of a stomach and one size up on the pants and high waisted bikini bottoms. It has been six years and I still love the results - stretch marks were minimized when they took those few inches of skin away, but there are still some there - battle scars of my now grown girls :)
Regular bikinis for me and normal size for my pants. Hope it went well!



answers from Washington DC on

My best friend had 2 c-sections 11 months apart. When her youngest was 2 she got all that extra skin removed. Now she looks and (more importantly) FEELS great. If you have the money and have done your research, I'd say go for it and enjoy a long life feeling fabulous (why wait until you're 50?!)



answers from Washington DC on

Go for it, this will be the only way to get rid of that excess. I had one done a little over a year ago and like you I had abs under the excess skin. You are stretched out from pregnancy and the muscles are stretched out as well. I had one of my kids c-section and was still able to get the tummy tuck. Do your research and get second opinions from a few different doctors to make sure you found the right one. I don't know where you are located but I used Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg - Dr. Heppe. You are looking at about a week of down time. I don't know if you had a c-section but I would compare the recovery to that. I was up and moving about doing light chores in a little less than a week. I also had lipo on my thighs at the same time so that made recovery a little harder than if I had the tummy tuck alone. Hope this helps!


answers from Washington DC on

i think it might just be a nice thing to do for yourself. my only suggestion is to wait until that 99% shifts up to 100%.
:) khairete



answers from Detroit on

I don't think you are too young and if you know for sure you are not going to have any more children. MY sister had a tummy tuck last year and she says it was the best decision she ever made. She only wished she had done it sooner. Her stomach is as flat as a board! Her stomach muscles were also retightened. She can wear anything.
She was off work 2 weeks for recovery. However, it did take a few months before she was truly feeling OK.



answers from Washington DC on

i am in the same boat as you, but I am older than you and don't have the money to do it. Since you are younger, I would definitely recommend to do the tummy tuck and that way you will have a tight taut tummy for the rest of your life, You might even get away with a partial tummy tuck as you are not overweight. It does make a difference in your choice of wardrobe and self esteem. I have a friend who got abdominoplasty done and she is in her fifties, after all these years!! It took her about a month to recover, but she loves it and she wishes that she had done it earlier. Just do a good survey and get a good doctor. If you do a full one, then do wear a pump for pain killer. Do check out all the women who got it done and their opinion on



answers from Dallas on

Go for it! You are not too young. Research, research, research doctors and get referrals if possible. Interview 2-3 docs before making a decision. Check with the state agency for any negligence or complaints regarding the docs you are considering. Good luck!



answers from Albany on

Good for you for doing your research. Have you tried any firming lotions first? I have some amazing before and after pictures of Arbonne products with some of the effects being able to be seen in DAYS. Might be something to try before taking this route as you know it is major surgery and will be a long, uncomfortable recovery.



answers from Washington DC on

I think it's up to you. If you're that sure you're done having kids, go ahead with the surgery. Even if you do have kids down the road, I don't think this would stop you from getting pregnant or having healthy babies. I'm surprised that the doctors turned you away when you tried to do it earlier. My sister in law got a tummy tuck a few years ago, then got pregnant later that year and had a healthy little girl. She was very athletic but got fed up with a tummy she couldn't loose. The only health problems she's had that I know of is she had problems and surgery because of her bladder and surrounding muscles after having the baby. It wasn't just control of her bladder - something was causing her pain, but now I can't remember the specifics. She was around your age when she had the tummy tuck done. She's pregnant a second time now and on partial bed rest, but for the most part she and her babies are healthy.



answers from Boston on

General anesthesia does come with certain risks, so if you are willing to take those for an elective procedure (including the very small chance that your 3 kids may not have you around) then do it. If not, wait until the kids are older.

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