Plaque Build up on 1 Yr Old's Teeth

Updated on March 19, 2011
T.C. asks from Norton, MA
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My son has been to the dentist 2 times already and he is just 14 months old. He has 8 teeth and they all have plaque on them. It is right near his gum line. I am assuming its plaque. Its a very light brownish green color that I can't scrape off with my finger nail.
He still gets a nighttime bottle, but we do not put him to bed with the bottle and never did. We brush his teeth every night. He hates getting his teeth brushed. My husband and I have to hold him down to do it. I would love any suggestions or idea to help with this problem. he is such a happy boy, and he loves to smile. His teeth are so bad I am almost embaressed when he smiles at strangers. I do not want them to think I do not take care of my son's teeth.

The dentist removed the plaque the best he could. It was very hard for him to get it all becaue my son was not cooperating. He suggested not putting my son to bed with bottle (we dont) and also said to wipe his teeth with gauze after his last bottle. We have been doing this nightly. It just seems to get worse as time goes by. We last went in January and I am tempted to make another appointment before his 6 month cleaning in May.

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answers from Kansas City on

My son isn't nearly as interested in tooth brushing as his sister was at this age, so I kind of get it. But, he becomes more interested when he sees me or big sis do it. He thinks it's fun to watch us and then is slightly more cooperative and more interested in doing his own. I basically just get in there and do it with the brush, but he only has 7 teeth (17 mos) so it's pretty fast. Since you already seem to be having such an issue, what does the dentist say to do? I guess you're already doing the wiping, which probably does help. Are you brushing before or after the nighttime bottle? Do you think he's ready to get rid of that night time bottle? That might help too. They do make batter powered brushes for little kids, you might try that. It makes a funny noise and they are chunkier and easier for him to hold. I have a major issue with plaque and my periodontist said that some people are more prone to plaque and others more prone to cavities...he may be a plaque person like me, which will probably result in fewer (or no) cavities, but the risk of gum disease is higher. I wish I had better advice, but I would press the dentist for more suggestions, and if you're not already, take him to a pediatric dentist. Good luck!

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I would switch to a battery-operated spin brush. Our pediatric dentist said that they remove significantly more plaque than a regular brush. Also just curious, is your son taking the poly-vi-sol liquid vitamins? They stain teeth! My pediatrician told us to have our daughter, who is picky with iron-rich food, to take hers in a watered-down glass of orange juice with a straw so her teeth aren't affected.

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if he's been to the dentist, why hasn't he removed the plaque???

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What has the dentist said or done about it?

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Since your dentist doesn't seem to have given you any real helpful answers, (is it a pediatric dentist?) I would mention it to your pediatrician. I've never heard of a child that young having that problem. Make sure you tell everything you are doing to take care of his teeth. Maybe the Pedi will have some answers for you or refer you to someone different.
Good luck :)

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i would go to a new dentist, a pediatric dentist, and tell your ped. it could be the vitamins too...

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answers from Honolulu on

Try "Spiffies" tooth wipes.
It is for kids.
Made with Xylitol. All natural.

I believe, Amazon has it and CVS stores. (CVS has a website too and I've seen it there).
I used it on my kids.
Or online like E-bay.
I have gotten mine from the Spiffies website and Amazon and CVS.

I LIKE this product, it does help keep the teeth clean.
I use it myself too.

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answers from Chattanooga on

What do you brush his teeth with? If you are using one of those 'finger brushes' you could switch to a regular toddler toothbrush, or vice-versa. I think the little finger brush is easier, because you can feel what you are doing. You could also try switching flavors of toothpaste. My DD loves the bubblegum baby toothpaste. I also make sure that I wipe her teeth after every meal, not just at bedtime. I just wipe her face and hands with one paper towel, then her teeth and face again with another. She also lets me floss her teeth, because she loves the taste of the flossers. (they are minty. :) she always wants to chew on it, then smacks her mouth when we are done.) I'm a little obsessive with her teeth though, because my family is really prone to dental issues, and I am determined to stay on top of hers. lol.


answers from Providence on

I have a friend whose daughter has what sounds just like your son's condition. I would get a second opinion from another dentist. My friend's daughter's enamel never developed properly on her two front top teeth... right around her gum line, sounds just like what you are talking about with you son. It's worth it to get a second opinion.



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Does he take vitamins with iron? My son had a stain on his teeth that eventually went away after stopping the vitamin. Or perhaps it is an underlying health problem? I would check with pediatrician also an/or a new dentist if it is getting worse.



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brush morning and night.. and after the night bottle make sure he has a few sips of water.. the water will clean away the build up.. or do the bottle.. then brush.. then bed...



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My little brother's got so bad they had to remove ...six?...four or six of his baby teeth. He did go to bed with a bottle, though.

I know this doesn't offer advice but maybe it will help that he never had any problems with his adult teeth and still loves milk.

Good luck.



answers from Detroit on

I also have a one year old my self, She has only got 3 teeth at the moment, I just use water to brush hers, I have heard of other parents letting there kids brush there own teeth . Have you tried that. I have not come to that point yet. But when i was raising my great niece i would let her do it her self and i told her that i would brush her teeth with the toothpaste and she would brush them with water ? Since he is a big boy have you tried letting him do it .

Hope this helps you out .