Planning Long Car Trip, Any Websites That Help Plan Things to Do Along the Way?

Updated on September 10, 2009
M.H. asks from Montrose, CO
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This is our first long road trip, in two weeks we will be making a 20 hour one way trip. I would love to be able to find things to do along the way such as attractions, things specific to the area, monuments, things like that. Is there a website that you can enter your travel information into that will give you things to do along the way? I have some ideas for while we are in the car but I would welcome any ideas on that subject as well. Thanks for any input :)

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answers from Denver on

Hi M.,
A fun website I like to look at is It lists the interesting and weird in all the different states. So, it is off the beaten track.

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answers from Salt Lake City on is a good site. You can google road trips with kids.
We like to take the travel games, coloring books and color pencils. When we stop, I have bubbles in the car and have the kids chase them and run around at the rest area. Also a hotel with a swimming pool is great too.
I like to make each child a snack bag and then I have little prizes to give them at certain points in the trip (stickers, hot wheels, a book)
Good luck on your trip.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

If you know anyone with Triple A, the easiest thing to do is see if they can get you the travel books for the states you will be visiting that they give with the trip tiks - those are great (and free to members - at least they used to be). I did a google search for "tourist attractions" and found a website that had lists upon lists of stuff - maybe that will help you. You can choose North American attractions and then there are lists by attraction type or if you scroll down there are lists by major cities. Have a good trip!

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answers from Provo on

my mom did some great activities for my kids on a trip once. she put together kits in ziploc bags that contained things like farm sets, insects, animals, trucks, trains etc. things that we would see along the way. most of it she got from the dollar store so it didn't matter if it got lost or broken on the trip. she also had books from the library about each region we drove through-- desert, mountains, farms, beach. and snack that fit the theme, like berry flavored fruit snacks to eat while we talked about bears living in the mountains. has lots of printables.

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