Planning Large Mom2Mom Sale in Lapeer, Need Assistance

Updated on March 31, 2008
M.K. asks from Lapeer, MI
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I am new to planning a mom event. Our mom sale is April 26 from 9 am- 1pm at St. Paul. I have many who said they are coming to shop but I need more moms who have items to sell. Do you know of local businesses with posting boards or local mom groups I could contact?

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much. I posted the mom sale info to all of the suggested sites and dropped off flyers to those mentioned and others. We ended up selling out with over 62 tables and 20 racks, not to mention the cribs, strollers and all the big items that will be there. I think I had a least one person contact me from each place. Thanks again!

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First off, I feel for you with 3 under 4. I have 3 under 6 and they are all boys. I just started finding time to do one hobby, but I have to do it with them because the 2 older ones want to help me (with fun things).

2 Questions. 1)Are you only allowing moms to sell or are vendors also allowed? 2)How much are you charging per table? I may be interested in a table if I can sell my products as well as normal mom2mom stuff.

There is a board at Charlie Browns in Almont, you can ask local churches to post it or include in weekly bulletins, look online for (?) Post an ad in the paper.



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I take my daughters to swim class at the Community Center in Lapeer, across from the high school. They have an activities bulletin board on the wall of the lower level. Give them a call and see if you can post your mom to mom sale. They have gym/swim classes for toddlers during the day, so they would have moms of the right age group for you.

Good luck!



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Hi M.,
I am in a MOPS group in Lapeer and they are doing a Mom to Mom sale on the weekend before you do yours, you may want to go to it to advertise yours and see if any of the Moms have enough left over stuff that they would want to do it then too. I know I have quite a bit and can't make it to sell things at the one for my MOPS maybe I will try to get it together for yours...? Can you call me with details ($) please so I can decide whether I want to attempt it or not, I was going to wait for a garage sale later, I am not quite ready (have an 8 month old who keeps me busy and having work done on my house, so it's kinda hectic). The MOPS Mom2Mom sale is on Saturday April 19th at the Methodist church across from the hospital in Lapeer (all day I think). Maybe I'll see you at one of those events?
Thanks, J.



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I would love to sell some things. I am a mother of a 13 month old boy and have bags of things to sell.

I live in North Branch and I work full time at McClaren Medical Managment across from the Lapeer Hopsital. So as soon as you get this let me know so I can get ready.

Please email me at [email protected]



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Goto Yahoo Groups and search Lapeer. Some of the groups there allow you to post sales, such as mine - Lapeer Classifieds and there's Lapeer Garage Sale. Freecycle is for free stuff only.

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