Planning a Fall Fest

Updated on October 06, 2006
K.T. asks from Fort Worth, TX
4 answers

Can any one give me suggestions for kids games. I am planning a Fall Fest for our community at the end of the month. I need kid games and art and craft ideas. Easy and cheap crafts. Not halloween themes. Ideas are need please help.

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answers from Odessa on

for inexpensive crafts DEFINATLY check out oriental traiding! They are a great place to get stuff at. they even have decoration, games, etc. to help with your festival. good luck! it sounds like a lot of fun!



answers from Dallas on

You can make paper circle chain, get fall colored construction paper...also trace the hand on brown and cut out...turkey to decorate... find produce stencils to cut out and make a cornucopia. *craft thought*. Games...potato sack race, 2 legged race, learn the chicken dance, pin the feathers on the turkey...big box, fishing pole with magnet hook...someone in box with magnet treat bags or clothes pin on hook to pin treat bags into...



answers from Dallas on

I was going to suggest Oriental Trading too.
Also, walking through the dollar store doesn't hurt.
Try and look for fall crafts and themes.

Good luck and have fun!!



answers from Dallas on

We are having a fall fest at our church as well and here are a few ideas that are not too Halloween related. Of course, there is the classic face painting booth that's always loved. You can get a bale of hay and separate it so it's not so tightly baled and hide wrapped candy in it for the kids to find. Kids love that. You can try 'popcorn hands'. You can purchase large bags of already popped popcorn, candy corn and plastic gloves (probably at hardware stores)for not very much $. The kids can put 1 candy corn in each finger of the glove for a fingernail and fill the rest with popcorn that is tied off for them to take and eat later. The only thing would be figuring out how to keep the popcorn and candy separte for each child so hands weren't digging in all the popcorn. Maybe each child could have a styrofoam cup already filled with popcorn to prevent them from 'contaminating' the other food. You can try pumpkin decorating with the little pumpkins. You can buy bags of the little pumpkins but they may be a little pricey, I'm not sure. Just a few ideas. I will try to think of more later.

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