Planning a End of Season Soccer Party

Updated on November 05, 2008
C.F. asks from Goodyear, AZ
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Hello Moms,

This is our first year doing any sports and we are planning an end of the season soccer party for the team and thier parents. We are going to do it kind of potluck style but I am trying to figure out what else we might need. My list so far is hot dogs and hamburgers and buns, queso and tortilla chips, drinks, a salad, chips, and a dessert. What else do we need? I fyou have any ideas please, please let me know,


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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your imput. Most of what you all were saying was actually already taken care of. Anyhow, the party was a success and I am glad the season is over!

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I saw where you were asked if you were doing trophies, etc....and just FYI the kids NEED a trophy, I think that is more important to them than the food!!!! We just had our end of season tball party and the kids were so excited about their little trophy. I had my trophies done in Burleson by this really nice guy for about 6.50 each.



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You also need things for the kids to do! I'm assuming it is the 4.5 yo, so I'd go with some classic organized games like pin the soccer ball on the goal, duck duck goose, simon says, etc. If you have spot where they can use sidewalk chalk,that is always a great activity. A quiet activity that my son's kindergarted class LOVED was stringing colored beads on pipe cleaners and then shaping them how they wished. I thought it would be the one activity they would get the most bored with, but they loved it and worked on it for a long time, some even coming back to do more. Look on line for party games or the moms of first graders might be able to give you some games from their kindergarten field day events at school - those are always great!

Have fun!




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Make sure paper plates, cups, napkins an forks, etc. will be there. Have several people bring a one pack makes it cheap. What about mustard, mayo, ketchup, relish, hamburger pickles, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese. Does anyone need to bring ice for the drinks. Salad dressings for the salad more than one is best. Also salsa might be good cause queso goes really quick an chips left over.



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Make sure you have wet ones.. 4 and 5 years old always seem to get sticky.. Also you will need a cake to celebrate their win. I would definately get a cupcake cake. I saw a football one last night at Wal-Mart that was so cute.. This makes life so much easier with the cupcakes.. Are you giving out trophies, or certificates, or medals if so this is something that needs to be coordinated. Is the Coach getting a gift if so you need to collect for that as well.As for decorations I would just do a simple plastic table cloth and a few balloons. Hope this helps.

Have a Great one!

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