Planning a "Big Sister" Shower- Need Suggestions!

Updated on February 28, 2008
S.C. asks from Berwyn, PA
4 answers

I am pregnant with my third child, due in May. I have a daughter who'll be 2 at the end of Feb. and another turning 5 in May. I am thinking of having a "Big Sister" Shower for them. I have a venue (a great little tea shop in Devon) but wondered if anyone has any other suggestions (games, favors, etc.) to make it special. I also found someone local on (the plaid giraffe) to make really nice "Big Sister" and "Biggest Sister" shirts. Thanks!

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answers from Erie on

I love that idea!!!

Are the other guests going to be young or old, or both? If you are having a lot of little ones I would have them decorate their own pretty tea party hats! I guess older guests could do it, too.




answers from Sharon on

I have 3 kids and i never thought of having a "big brother/Sister"party for them...that's a pretty smart idea you have.
Is this going to be like a baby shower type of party??I wish i could be more help but sorry i'm not.That;'s a great idea you have.
Good luck with the party



answers from Allentown on

babydolls for all the guests, have a game of getting the babies dressed and maybe (if you're daring) changing the diaper.
picture frame making. You put 'big sister' or some other phrase on them and then let the kids decorate with stickers or markers (depending on what type of frames you use).
don't know if it's too old for them. but you can make a variation of pin the tail by making a baby poster and then doing pin the diaper on the baby...

hope that hleps. don't know if they're too young for these. A great idea. Wish my daughter was a little older then I could use this idea. She'll only be 16 months when our second arrives.




answers from Philadelphia on

Baby Favors! I sell candle kits. They could make candles in baby jars [real baby jars] of pink or blue wax with baby powder scent. When I have conducted candlemaking classes & others have brought their kids, it's the KIDS [usually girls] whose eyes light up when the candle is hardening & how they get to decorate the candle & the sense of pride they get is awesome. I love doing the classes for this sole reason alone!

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