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Updated on January 01, 2010
J.S. asks from Cortland, IL
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I am maid of honor in my friend's upcoming wedding. I plan on throwing her both her bachelorette party and her bridal party. One thing I'm interested in is having a lingerie party for her bachelorette party. We don't really want a full on sex-toy party, but rather a more tasteful party with lingerie, candles, lotions, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions for companies and/or reps for this kind of a party? I've googled it and came across one company that sounded great, but of course, there are no reps in Illinois! Any input would be great!
Thanks in advance!!

I guess I should mention..This type of party was a request of the bride, as we usually have an annual girls-only party every summer together. She just wanted a more romantic/ tasteful type this time around! We aren't expecting anyone to buy her gifts, just something to start our night off with!!

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I had a lingerie party and I have been to a couple for brides, but it was not a home sales party. Instead the guests actually bought the bride lingerie, lotions, candles, books ect....It was really a lot of fun! We sent the brides sizes with the invitations so people new what size to get. We kept it pretty small and intimiate. Some people weren't comfortable buying real sexy stuff (example my sister-in-law) so she just got me a gift certificate and some comfy pjs. My MIL bought me a beautiful, romantic longer gown, that was sexy, but romantic sexy, if that makes any sense. Anyway it was a lot of fun for everyone! Good luck to you!

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How would that work? Guests would have to bring a gift and also buy something from the rep?

When I've been invited to a theme-gift party like lingerie, it was just a regular shower except that the invitation specified that the party was to shower the bride in lingerie (or whatever the theme is) so that you know what to buy. Maybe I'm just out of the shower loop, but why add a sales party to a shower?



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I used to sell that stuff and to be frank, it was a bad setup to do the sales party for the actual party because people, understandably, want to talk, it was hard as a rep because sometimes no one was listening. I'd really recommend just encouraging the guests to bring something sexy instead. I was at one where we went to a nice tapas restaurant in Naperville & gave the bride gifts, it was pleasant & delicious. My gift to the bride was delicious champagne, while others gave sexy lingerie & lotions, etc. She loved it & I liked seeing what everyone chose on their own. :)

Just my 2 cents.



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I planned a bachelorette party in Carmel, CA. There is a store called LUSH there that has bath products, cosmetics, candles, etc. At the Carmel location they offered a bachelorette party package that seems like it might be what you are looking for. There is a LUSH downtown on Armitage. If you are not opposed to taking your party on the road you may give them a call and see if this store offers something similar.

There is also a place called Luxurious Suds in either Geneva or St. Charles that you may want to check out if you want to stay more local. She also has a variety of bath products (lots of delicious scents and products for different themes/events). The owner makes all of her own products and I think she's done bachelorette parties before. I think with both of these options you could purchase a gift package for the bride and the other women attending the party could purchase things for themselves if they want to without too much pressure.

Lastly, if you need cute invitations for either of your events, check out my business listing, PJ Greetings.

Best of luck! I'm sure it will be a great party whatever you decide to do!



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I'm not really a fan of "parties" where I have to buy something from a rep. I don't care for sales pitches or demonstrations when we're supposed to be celebrating the bride! Also, the gifts can be out of my price range and then I'm stuck buying something dinky or spending out of my budget.

I've been to nice showers where we bought the bride lingerie or pjs and pampering stuff. My favorite one was where we soaked our own feet and did each other's nails and basically pampered ourselves too. I brought my own foot spa (and others did too). We gabbed and ate dainty foods.

Good luck with your friend's shower!



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I wouldn't have a rep come and sell stuff for the reasons other ladies have mentioned. If you want people to bring the bride lingerie/lotions/perfumes, ect...I would consider that a personal shower. Women only invited and you can word the invite to say it is a personal shower or lingerie shower and include the bride's sizes. Maybe say you hope to the get the bride "ready" for her honeymoon....that should put people in the right mindset on gift buying. If you want to hire anyone to come to the home, I would be thinking alongh the lines of someone to pamper the bride and guests, such as someone who comes and does mani/pedis....but that could get expensive for you depending on the number of people. Good luck and have fun!

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