Planning 1 YEAR SOBER Surprise Party

Updated on June 12, 2009
A.B. asks from Marysville, WA
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One more question! I am planning a surprise 1 year sober party for my Hubby. I need tips on easy food that can be preped a day or two before and still be nice and fresh. I have an all day work event the day before (a Friday) and I can't have anything at my house to give away the secret. I have recruited his mom and my mom and grandmother for help in this department and will probably treat it more like a potluck and have everyone bring a little something.
My hubby is very sentimental and this will really mean the world to him. The only thing I can think of to do at the party is have a time when we go around (kinda like a toast at a wedding) and have everyone say their congrats and/or share their thoughts on his success. (video taped of course so he can relish in the moment forever!!) Any other ideas or maybe a gift I can get/make him? Trying not to spend lots! Thanks!

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Assuming that this is an AA b-day:


- Buy him an enameled or two tone 1 year coin. You can find them online by googling. here's one site: They're different then the one(s) he would get in meetings. ('Area' buys single tone birthday coins in bulk. To get an enameled or two tone coin friends, loved ones, sponsors have to buy them individually. They're rarely more then 10 bucks. There's also the 12 step shop over on Phinney Ridge in north seattle...but their hours are...erratic.

- Print a copy of the serenity prayer on special paper, and have your son put his handprints on it in ink (you can get an ink pad at any art store)

- COFFEE. (Especially if you're having program people over. About 3 times as much as you think you might need.)

- Toasts don't require alcohol.

- Get his Sponsor in on the event, and some of his friends from the program if you feel comfortable having your son around program people, and people talking about drinking/recovery. Many people don't, and that *perfectly* okay.

- Potlucks are the SINGLE MOST COMMON event/party that you find in the program. Inviting people to a One Year Birthday Potluck, is not only considered Not Tacky, but good manners. :) It all comes down to the basic premise that a) you're not supposed to try and do everything on your own, but to learn to ask for help & b) to be of service whenever and wherever you possibly can.

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Congratulations on your hubby!!!! What an amazing accomplishment!!! I don't have much to give about the foods, but for my husbands birthday one year I told him that I was having a pampered chef party. His brother came out and took him away to go do something and then I called him back because I "forgot" the Ice worked - He had no clue that I was having a party for him. That also gives the excuse for all the cars being at the house/property. Thought I would share. Good luck.



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Hello A.,

Congrats to your husband for 1 year of sobriety. HUGE! Simple easy appy is mini smokeys in a currant/mustard mix - YUMMY! The currant jelly and mustard can be made ahead of time and then put the smokeys in the jelly and heat - smokeys are good to eat when heated - leave on low over the stove or get fancy and put in a fondue pot. The mixture of jelly to mustard is about 2 jars of currant jelly to 1 small bottle of regular mustard.

What ever you do "Keep it simple"

sober for 19 years


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What about getting a party platter/veggie platter/fruit platter at Costco? I think you can call and order in advance, then pick it up right before the party. Or, since the moms are in on it make and store things at their houses?

Thought I just had, something like turkey and lettuce wraps instead of sandwiches. Or just deli meat rolled up/layered with cheese. Maybe some kind of crockpot creation done at another's house?

And a HUGE congrats to your Hubby on his sobriety!!!!

Hope this helps,

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