Places to Take to See and Things to Do with 2 Year Old Son in the DFW Area...

Updated on July 18, 2010
Y.S. asks from Frisco, TX
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Your suggestions is appreciated... Smiles, Y.

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The Children's Museum (inside the Museum of Nature & Science in Fair Park. It's on the lower floor) is wonderful!! It's geared for children 6-7 and under. My 14 month old plays for hours.

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We loved the Ft. Worth Zoo! It is a peaceful place (most of the time) and lots to see. It isn't as large as some zoos, so you can do it in one day and see everything. There are places for the little ones to play - play barn and a sand area. The food is expensive, so bring your own along with lots of water. If you bring cups from restaurants they will have you put the lid and straw in the trash for safety reasons.

Have fun!

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Just the statuesque horses are awesome in Colleyville. Find duck ponds, very cool parks, the library (find a story time), stroller in the mall ending in a play area with a pretzel! Two year olds are just so easy to make happy and without spending a dime. Baby pools in public swimming areas can be awesome!

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There is a great splash park in Allen right off 75 and Exchange. It's a city park called Celebration and best is that's it's also free! :)

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The Heard Museum in McKinney is having free Saturday's in July from 10:30-3:00
Also, the Dallas Museum of Art has some free activities

Check out this meet up group. I've found a BUNCH of activities and fun things to do as well as met some other mommies.

God Bless!!

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