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Updated on September 15, 2009
P.C. asks from Portland, OR
6 answers

Would folks know of situations in the Portland, Oregon, area that might be conducive to meeting a woman (mother or not yet a mother) who might be interested in meeting a loving, non-custodial, father of one who is not particularly fond of being single?

I was unsure about posting this at all, so I checked with mamasource, and they said it would be ok.
I hope that no one is offended.

P. (and Tigger)

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You might try, The Portlands Single Parents Meetup Group. I signed up not too long ago myself. I haven't had a chance to go to any of the events yet but they do have many "meetups" at very cool places. It's free. I just asked to be a member and they email me new meetup locations with info on event. Good luck...



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hmmmm good question, if you find someplace really good let me know as I am a single mom with the same question.



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Sorry I'm married! :) But I think it's pretty awesome that you are using Mamasource so much in the first place! Good luck to you! You seem like a very concerned and loving dad.



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Hi Paul -- if you are inclined to Christianity, you could attend what is called an LDS singles ward in your area. Because Latter Day Saints highly revere marriage and families, the singles wards are set up to give single people opportunities to fellowship at worship services and frequent social events throughout the PDX area. If interested, follow this link:, input your address and look for wards that say (YSA) in the description -- for young single adults.

Hope this helps.



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Well, I spot lots of other single parents doing the kid-switch thing on Trimet on Friday nights ... and have gotten hit on more often on the MAX than any other place. A woman carrying empty baby gear is the key ;).

(I get hit on mostly by non-dads, which always surprises me since I am carrying around an umbrella stroller that has seen better days ... but I've decided it's because most of the single dads on the MAX are receiving their kids on a Friday night, and are of course focussed on their children and not on the moms who are at lose ends ;). )

I do not consider myself "available," btw, which is the only reason I am 'selling' a location where I might be found ;). Or any of the following thoughts, for that matter!

The other thing I would say, is that my single friends who are open to dating, seem to hang out in the more sophisticated kind of bars, that mix new or at least very well made drinks. Single moms often have gained a certain "take care of myself" skillset that includes "treat myself to things" ... and again, Friday night seems the most frequent moms-don't-have-kids night. Thursday and Saturday in second place. Anecdotally.

Yoga classes and other self improvement activities are another draw.

The grocery store (or any store)--shopping without the kids is way easier than with, and for most women, dawdling over shopping is recreational. And on Friday night, seriously, non-parent single people do NOT prioritize shopping. I almost always hit my grocery store at least briefly on Friday evenings, for take-home treats for myself if not a full-scale shopping trip. (Full scale shopping, I actually usually do on Saturday days.)

For whatever help my highly anecdotal response might be ;).

Thank you for being so responsible to ask the Mamasource folks about the appropriateness of your request, especially since you have already breached the walls of an advice group designed for females ;).



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I just got a mailer from Portland Children's Museum announcing what they called the "First ever Single Parents playdate" in Portland. I imagine they are aiming to connect single parents that can relate, so I guess romance can evolve from this but I don't think its the primary intention. But it might be a good place to meet others in your shoes. I'm sure there will be a good man to woman ratio. But go with the purpose of making friends and finding support. If you want to date, any of the online dating services allow you to cite specific criteria such as age, life purpose, children or not, etc. You say what you are looking for and they match you up. It might be worth looking into

Good luck

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