Placenta Previa at 13 Weeks

Updated on August 29, 2009
K.O. asks from Roseville, MI
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I was told that I have placenta previa. I was spotting so they did an ultrasound and that is what it showed. I am now 14 weeks and of course it's Friday night and when I went to the bathroom there are small clots when I wipe. I'd say up to the size of a nickle maybe a little bigger. The blood is brown so I know it's old blood but I am still freaked out and do not want to make a trip to the ER if it's not necessary. Sorry for the details but I am hoping that someone can put my mind at ease a little.

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answers from Jackson on

If it is clearly old blood I wouldn't freak out too badly. I have had some spotting early is pregnancy and while it is scary to think of the what ifs. MOST spotting resolves itself.

If you are crampy, or you start seeing pink or red discharge then I would call your OB/Midwife. For advice. Unfortunatly at this point in pregnancy there isn't anything they can do to help.

Lay down, put your feet up, rest eat and drink normally. Take it easy to avoid anymore bleeding. And don't worry about where the placenta is at this point. You still have PLENTY of time for that Placenta to move up and out of the way.



answers from Lafayette on

I had placenta previa early in my second pregnancy, and some spotting, and it resolved itself as my uterus grew. They'll probably keep a closer eye on you, maybe do a couple of extra ultrasounds, until the placenta moves up away from the cervical opening.

However, I agree with Lacy - if you're worried, call your OB.

Good luck!
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answers from Detroit on

I know someone who had this I would just try to relax and put your feet up and try not to do alot. The blood will subside kinda like bed rest. Good luck eventually the blood will stop.



answers from Detroit on

I had placenta previa with my first pregnancy. I too had some spotting like you said, but my doc said that was okay. They did ultrasounds on me more frequently because of it, but as time went along, it eventually moved out the way so I could have had a normal delivery.

But always, always call your OB if you are ever concerned. That's what you pay them for!!!!



answers from Detroit on

I had placenta previa all the way to my 36 week c-section. If the spotting is something your OB is concerned about, you maybe put on bed rest. The good news is that there is a way to monitor it via ultra sound so you and your baby can have a happy healthy delivery.

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