Placenta Previa & Abruption

Updated on October 29, 2009
N.G. asks from Antelope, OR
4 answers

Looking for women who have gone through placenta previa & Abruptions & got pregnant again?? Im most concerned with what will happen in my NEXT pregnancy IF I am able to carry a baby.. Im 29 yeras old & I had "Partial Placenta Previa" with my 1st son this year. Went in for my 20week check up(& to find out the sex) & they had to do a internal ultrasound to find my placenta & It was "Low-lying." They gave me the same old line, "most women's placentas are low lying at 1st but eventually move up as the uterus grows." We crossed our fingers for the next 8 weeks, went in, & Dr.Says, "Well, it moved up a centimeter so we'll go ahead & clear you.. resume all normal activity." & So I did. Nothing too strenuous, just normal everyday life. 2 days later I start bleeding (A lot) all of the sudden. My husband rusehes me to the hospital, (I'm 28weeks pregnant at this point, which was in January of this year).. I was contracting as if I was in labor & Delivering blood clots the size of lemons. Never been so terified in my life. The ultrasound showed a "Low-lying Placenta," not complete but I guess I was having partial abruptions. After they got mostly everything under control, except for the bleeding(Bled for the next 2 weeks in the hospital) I spent 61days in high risk maternity on my back. My son was scheduled to deliver a month early because they were afraid I may go into lablor which would increase the chance of a complete abruption, which is life threatening. Anyway, during the C-section my Placenta WAS delivered 1st, they tried to get the baby out quick because he was losing oxygen, He wasnt cooperating & moved himslef sideways up near what felt like my lung/throat area, unfortunately they were forced to slice my uterus into a "T-Line" in order to have more room to grab him, they pulled him out by one leg, he wasnt breathing at 1st but within seconds he was. (Thank God). Recovery was a nightmare with that extra cut on my uterus & unfortunately within the 1st 10weeks of my "recovery" I experienced LOTS of bleeding, underwent a UAE(Uterine Artery Embolization) to try & stop my bleeding, then finally did a D&C & they found a polyp on my Uterus.I became very ANemic & my bones have since becomome very weak as if I were 90 years old. I REALLY want another child but am terrified to get pregnant & was wondering if anyone out there has gone through any of this(Previa,Abruptions,T-line uterus cuts, UAE, etc...) & Proceeded to have a 2nd child & how that went?? Thanks..

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answers from Yuba City on

I have not gone through this personally, but I just wanted to say how thankful you must be that everything turned out okay. I don't know if I'd have the courage to try another pregnancy, I'd certainly wait a couple of years. Congratulations on surviving a terrible ordeal and having a beautiful live child to show for it. You are an inspiration.

God bless you!




answers from San Francisco on

I had placenta abruption for my last delivery in March, and my son was at the NICU for 11 days- thank god, he is okay and me too. I did not have the aftermath of bleeding like you did- sounds horrible and I am glad you are okay. I am not thinking about another baby yet- I have a 2 year old too, but I asked my OB if I could conceive again and she said it would not be a problem at all, but like I said I did not have all the same issues as your delivery had. So I do plan on trying for a third baby in like 3 years and will need closer OB care because of my past abruption
good luck to you



answers from San Francisco on

Before considering the advice of us moms, please talk this over with your family, your spouse and your doctor. I realize you may want another child but what you explained was not easy on you or anyone else.

I saw your other post about recovering from bed rest and not to be negative, BUT what if another pregnancy puts you on bed rest? What if you are on bed rest for much longer? Who will take care of your first child? Who will help you everyday? There are a lot of things for you to consider before even thinking about 2nd child. First you need to rest, take care of yourself and your newborn, and recover the best that you can. Then start asking the questions. Get more than once OB opinion on your options. Do lots of research.

My first pregnancy put me on bed rest. It was well worth the wait, and yes it took me a long time to recover. No my complications were not as serious as yours but it also took me awhile to decide to have another child.



answers from San Francisco on

A good friend of mine had placenta previa and abruption- baby was in NICU, and it was very scary. She got pregnant a little over a year later- the babies are a little less than 2 years apart. She didn't have placenta previa, but had a very difficult pregnancy (intense sickness that lasted almost the whole time and other complications) that made it hard for her to care for her year old son. She has two healthy boys now, but has said that she could not go through pregnancy again, even though she wants more kids. It's hard to say if you would have the same or other difficulties the next time around, but if you were going to try to get pregnant soon, you might have a hard time caring for your young child, as my friend did.

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