Pirates of the Caribbean Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on August 25, 2016
J.P. asks from North Anson, ME
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Hey there! I am throwing a party for my daughter who will be 7 and she wants a Pirates of the Caribbean party! I have a few ideas in mind but would love to pick everyone's brain for some more! I am pretty crafty and love making decorations. So far I have thought of doing Shrinky Dinks with her as little pirate flags or gold coins for keychains for the grab bags, oreo thins with the edible gold spray to make treasure cookies, and I have tasked myself with making a pirate ship cake. I want to do a game where you pin the X on the treasure map too! I need more ideas for decoration, food, crafts and games!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I had a friend who dressed her backyard like a luau and taped a plastic water proof beach scene to the fence on the far side of the yard and it made for the perfect pirate ambiance.
Ever since I discovered pinterest I have too many ideas and not enough parties!!

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answers from Dover on

I bought a small wooden treasure chest and put Hershey Nuggets (gold and silver wrapped) with some beaded necklaces spilling out as one of the snack options and decorations. Pretzels were swords. Grapes were canon balls. Grab bags were loot sacks (made of brown paper bags and tied with twine).

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answers from Chicago on

For my oldest kids 6th birthday we had a treasure hunt. The kids each got a clue, and then had to find more clues to get the "booty". One child one the bigger prize and the rest got to pick from the treasure chest that was filled with costume jewelry, chocolate coins and other little toys/trinkets. One of my husband's nephews (3 yrs old) found all of the clues and we had to kick the kids out of the basement so I could hide them again in different spots.

You can check out Oriental Trading Co for pirate themed items also. I bought little jewels and stickers and the kids made loot bags out of regular paper bags. We also had a treasure chest piñata.

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answers from Abilene on

My son's pirate party was a big hit. I did a small plastic pool with sand and things hidden in there.

But first I had stations. It was in the backyard. I had them walk a plank (2x4 across a couple of tires) and they earned a plastic sword. Threw balls at plastic bottles filled with sand and they earned an eye patch. My daughter drew mustaches and applied tattoos when they first came in. There was another activity where they earned a sash but I can't remember what they did. Anyway, it's a lot of fun to do a pirate party.

We served hotdogs cut so they look like an octopus, goldfish and fruit k-bobs.

Happy bday to your daughter. Have a blast!

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answers from Rochester on

When my son had a pirate themed party we dug for treasure. I found sand buckets at the dollar store and filled them with sand and pirate treasure--ring pop, a gold $1 coin, chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil, a string of Mardi Gras beads, Hershey nuggets wrapped in silver foil, a pirate themed pencil, etc. The kids loved it! I also ordered paper mache treasure chests from Oriental Trading Company. They came with jewels and such to decorate them. I also found eye patches and felt pirate hats somewhere for really cheap. Look on Pinterest for ideas. That's where all my ideas came from. I found several cake ideas as well.

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answers from Dallas on

Get a fridge box (or any large box), markers, etc. and let the girls "build" a pirate ship. My daughter and guests had loads of fun building their pirate ship at her 7th birthday party and it kept them busy for hours.

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answers from Washington DC on

Happy Birthday to your daughter!!

Are the guests dressing up? I would suggest it - especially since Halloween is coming up! People can get more than one use out of the costume.

Eye patches
I would do a treasure hunt - give each guest a treasure map and let them hunt for the hidden treasures

Pirate telescopes

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I had a tub in my child care center that I'd bring out around the holidays and fix it up. On St. Patrick's Day I'd put green strips of paper, like for Easter Egg Baskets, and drop in some of those gold foil covered chocolate coins. The kids would dig for them and find a few as a treat.

When we did pirates I put sand in the tub and more of the gold coin chocolate but also some plastic ocean critters that I bought from Oriental Express. The kids loved it.

You can do almost every holiday to some extent and let them dig around a couple of times each. If they don't get a candy they might be very disappointed so do make sure there is enough for each child to have a variety to pick from, like maybe a bag sitting by to refill what the kids are picking out? So the next one can get one too?

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answers from Boston on

We just had a pirate birthday party for a 4 and 1 yr old. The treasure hunt was a great hit. My daughter did pictures of the place for the next clue since many of the party goers were too little to read. She decided to hide a treasure at each stop so there was a lot of booty for the little pirates. Oriental trade company has a ton of stuff.

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answers from Boston on

Buy the gold chocolate coins and use them for a treasure hunt. Hide them throughout the house or the yard. Basically, let the kids hunt for their own goodie bags. You can get inexpensive spyglass telescopes at the discount stores or on line at places like Oriental Trading. If you want it to be totally "fair", give each child a fake pirate name (Google real pirates and adapt as necessary, perhaps including the child's real name), and label the little bags of coins with that pirate name. They can work cooperatively. You can have a blind hunt, or you can use written clues or a treasure map. We always did these with our son and the kids worked in small teams to find everything. They only went to the hiding places on their list of clues, so everyone got something.

Buy eye patches at the party store. You can guy those cheap kerchiefs with a fake earring hanging on it. I'm sure there's a whole pirate section there. Find a photo you like and have the store make the pirate cake with that image - they probably already have something you can use. Disney themes are in the bakery selection books all the time.

I would only do "Pin the X on the map" if you have 7 or fewer kids. Otherwise there's a whole lot of standing around for all but the blindfolded kid.

Google "Pirate Party Games" and you'll see some really cute ideas for "walk the plank" (board between 2 barrels or buckets), cannonball toss (use black water balloons), ring/hook toss (use rings on those fake hooks a la Captain Hook), etc. If you have a large group, half the kids can do one game while the other half does another, then they switch. Here's what I found - a bunch of nice photos. I'd spend more time on this than on making the cake yourself - the kids just won't appreciate the baking effort and they will appreciate the unique games.

I'd put a couple of pirate balloons on the mailbox or a pirate-themed poster on the door - not expensive, and sets the tone upon arrivals.


Have fun!

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answers from New York on

Gold nugget gum - it's cute and is actually good gum!

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