Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on August 07, 2008
J.M. asks from Allen, TX
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I'm combining my 2 son's birthdays and decided on a pirate theme. I saw the recent post requesting monkey party ideas (we did that last year - great fun!) and everyone had wonderful ideas. I'm hoping you can help me as well. The boys will be 1 and 3. Any and all suggestions much appreciated!!

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answers from Dallas on

try www.amazingmoms.com fabulous website with tons of creative age appropriate ideas. also oriental trading company has some cute stuff. I have also done a few pirate ship birthday cakes. don't know if you're interested but you can look at my website and get some ideas:-} www.freewebs.com/sweettemptationbakery Have fun!! M.

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answers from Dallas on

Wow! Pirates are real popular now, as you know!

My grandsons loved the lighted swords from Dollar Tree. (Their mothers didn't) I think they came with a couple of related items like an eyepatch maybe. 3yr. olds and up can entertain themselves as long as you feel like supervising!!!

They are not much into games at that age. However, by the time they open gifts and have cake it should be about time for little ones and their parents to go home. (You are inviting the parents aren't you? If not put an exact pick up time on the invitation.

Have fun!

If you can't find them cheaply at the party store, you can make eye patches and pirates hats from construction or crepe paper.

Put the music from The Pirates of the Carribean on for mood. Maybe pop the movie in when it is time for them to cool off and calm down.

What do pirates eat?

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answers from Dallas on

try a costume dress-up pirate party: www.simplypretend.com

maybe a treasure hunt through park maybe get some highschool/college sitters to help on the treasure hunt w/ picture maps.
Simple clues using PICTURES instead of words.
goto the DALLAS WORLD AQUARUIM or the aqaurium at fairpark in dallas
They might have bounce houses that have a pirate ship shape?
happy planning.

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answers from Dallas on

Pottery Barn Kids has an adorable Pirate Party Line. Most of the decorations and games are on clearance online, now too!


If that doesn't work, go to "sale" and "clearance" and its all listed under there. Or you can search "pirate" and the collection will come up.

You could print on the invitations something like:

"Ahoy there Mates!

Ye be invited for some
Birthday Spirits at
Captain Jack & Captain Ben's
Pirate Party!

Saturday, August 9th
2 o'clock
123 Main Street
(Property protected by pirates -
so come at your own risk!)

R.S.V.P. to First Mate J.
or you'll have to walk to plank!"

You could have a little treasure hunt. Since they're so little, you could do it in your house or your back yard. I'm sure Party City or someplace has little plastic treasure chests that you could "bury." Or you could do it in a sand box. If it's warm enough (which I'm sure it will be) you could have a baby pool filled with little toy pirate ships that the kiddos could play with. Maybe have some parrots somewhere... toy ones of course. :-) I don't know... there are lots of creative things you could do!

Have so much fun with your pirate party!

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answers from Dallas on

My son just had a pirate party for his 3rd birthday this past weekend. Here are a few of the things I did:
*served hot dogs w/ sails w/ each child's name on it, made out of paper and wooden skewers. We also served barbeque meatballs "cannonballs", mac & cheese made with pirate-shaped pasta (from Kroger), pasta salad w/ same pirate pasta, round wagon wheels "captain's wheels", pepperoni, broccoli, & Ital. dressing.
*Oriental Trading Company has cute felt hats that I wrote "Captain XXX" on each child's hat in puff paint. They also have some cute decorations
*we made "spotting scopes" out of some heavy-weight tubes (you could substitute TP rolls instead) covered in black paper. The kids decorated w/ self-stick foam pirate shapes (also from Oriental)- I also had some Veggie Tales pirate coloring sheets out to color
*US Toy in Plano has a small pirate section where I found the pirate flag toothpicks for the appetizers, pirate flag banners, flags for outside, and a treasure map.
*I made the goody bags out of brown paper bags w/ black electrical tape running up the sides. When you fold it over and draw a "lock" it looks like a little treasure chest. Each one had pirate fruit snacks, some candy, pirate rubber ducky, pirate coins & poppers from OTC, eyepatches & earring from Dollar Tree and a choc. coin
*I made a 3D pirate ship for the cake ... it wasn't as difficult as I thought.
*games: Pass the Treasure Chest: Dollar Tree has some cardboard treasure chests that I filled with treats, when the music stopped, that child got to pick a treat with everyone getting something. Walk the Plank: we just taped a 4 ft. board between 2 IKEA stepstools. Bowling for Booty: used 6 empty 2 ltr. bottles that were decorated with pirate stickers. I had X's marked w/ tape so it was easy to set up.
*I also made pirate sashes by taking some red fabric and cutting it into strips w/ a pinking shears and gluing on some gold coin trim w/ fabric glue.
Hope these ideas help. Feel free to PM me if you need any links to any of the stuff I listed. Have fun!

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answers from Dallas on

Oh I love coming up iwth ideas ofr parties!!

You could do a great poem on the invites:
Ahoy Mates.
Jack's turning 2 and John's turning 4.
Shiver me timbers and yo ho ho
We're having a party and hope you can go.


Let's set sail for a land far away
Where only poirates can live and play
We'll search for treasure til the end of the day
And have a blast at Jack and John's birthday.


We've heard a tale of a buried treasure chest
So wear your patch and your pirate vest
We have a map to guide the way
Come ready to hunt and John and Jack's birthday.

Ship sets sail at 10 am from (Last Name)'s Island

RSVP to First Mate at ###-###-#### or you'll have to walk the plank.

Give all the kids eye patches from the party store and you can put out goldfish, Pirates of the Carribean fruit snacks, serve red Kool-aid (sharks blood).

You could "bury" fake coins in the sand box and have them hunt for buried treasure.

Get a treasure chest at the party store and fill it with trinkets. These can be your prizes. The kids can go pick what they want from the chest.

You could get black plastic cups and poke a hole in the bottom of each cup. Attach a silver pipe cleaner through the hole and make it look like a hook. The kids could make these as a craft or you could just hand them out.

Hope this helps.

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answers from Dallas on

I did a train birthday theme for my grandson and ordered plates, cups, a banner, etc. and party favors from Birthdayinabox.com

Everything was really nice and the kids loved the favors. All the mothers wanted to know where I got everthing!! I looked and they do have a pirate theme.

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answers from Dallas on

I did a pirate theme for my oldest son's party last year(he turned 8). I got several dress up items (hats, swords, hooks, etc.) from the Dollar Tree. They had a treasure hunt. I hid the "goodie bag" items around the house (winter party). They had a blast. After they boys watched Treasure Island.

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