Pinnacle Security

Updated on August 03, 2009
K.G. asks from Katy, TX
7 answers

Anyone ever heard of them? They were trying to sell me a "free" system.

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answers from Houston on

Hi K.-

I've never heard of them, but in doing a quick look on their website (I assume this is the same deal they were talking to you about) that "free" system is going to cost you $199 in installation charges and then you have to sign a 5 year deal at $50/month.

I went to Brinks (which is now Broadview) and for $155 you can get their premium package installed and monitoring starts at $32/month. Not sure how long a contract you have to sign.

I'm not trying to sell you on any brand (I actually have Comcast at my house) but based on this I'd say it's not really a deal.

Good luck,

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answers from Houston on

I am surprised by the negative responses since our experience has been positive thus far. We were offered AND RECEIVED a free installation. My son-in-law used to work for competitors and he had told me it would be very costly to switch over our old system to something current and I wasn't interested in spending the money. Then Pinnacle came around (partners with GE which has been around forever and a member of the BBB) five months ago telling my husband about free installation so I asked all the questions and we signed up.

We are in a contract for 39 months and paying under $40. a month. There are stipulations if we move (about transferring the service) which I can clearly see on my contract (revised 12/12/08)along with the statement of no charge for the installation, activation, upgrades, or equipment. I feel we got a lot of coverage for a good price and we feel safer because of this system. Our panel and the remote fobs also allow us to call for an ambulance, fire, police if we hit the panic button.

I pray you have the wisdom to make the decision that is best for your family.



answers from Austin on

They are good. My friend was 1/2 owner but had to sell after his divorce as he moved back to Idaho. System is free but, monitoring is ~$30/mo



answers from Corpus Christi on

I cannot remember where I saw it, but there was an article about scams being run by alarm companies, etc. since the switch to DTV. I would check with your local BBB.



answers from Houston on

My husband and I signed with Pinnacle for the "free" system in December 2007 right before our daughter was born. It ended up costing us around $250 for some bogus charges. Needless to say, our representative that sold us the service told us that we had no contract and we could cancel the service at any time. We never signed a contract, only a paper so they could check our credit and charge our credit card for the monthly $30 service fee. We cancelled our service with Pinnacle in July 2008 because we are a military family and we got stationed in Corpus Christi. To much our surprise, we received a bill from Pinnacle for over $1200 for a "breach of contract". We have now been fighting this for a year now. Pinnacle is not the security company I would go with, for sure!!! Good luck.



answers from Houston on

Never heard of Pinnacle, though not an authority on security systems. However, selling you free system sure sends up flags.

I vote no.




answers from Austin on

Free means they will make it up in a long-term contract. What happened to the days when you could pay for a service and then if something happened financially, and you had to quit the service, you didn't get stuck paying out the contract.

With this economy, who knows 2 years from now if you could afford that payment?

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