Pink Eye/fever

Updated on February 05, 2009
K.N. asks from Round Lake, IL
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My 4 year old son has pink eye and was given eye drops (antibiotics) yesterday. We have been following the dosage on the prescription since then and this afternoon has come down with a fever. (102.3) It has been so long since I've had pink eye and was wondering if it is just a fluck that he has a fever, if the two are related or if it could be a reaction to the medication. No one else in the house is sick, but I know it's also that time of the year to be getting sick.

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answers from Augusta on

Most cases of pinkeye are actually viral not bacterial, so antibiotics won't help anyway. Most likely your son has a virus that's running its course and the fever and pinkeye are all a part of that. Hope he feels better soon.

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answers from Chicago on

Two weeks my daughter too had what I thought was pink eye so we treated her with vigamox and as it turns out a week after the pink symptoms were gone she started running a fever and as it turned out she had an ear infection. So you might want to see your dr and have your sons ears and nose checked out.

Good Luck!



answers from Chicago on

When my daughter was going through her repeating ear infections we learned that when the ear gets too infected, the gunk would start coming out her tear ducts. All that stuff is connected. (Gross, I know.) Like the previous poster said, have his ears looked at. Since he's 4, he might be able to tell you if they hurt - but they don't always hurt like you think they would. Good luck. LacyLyn



answers from Chicago on

my guess is its just a fluke- unless he had a cold with it- then pink eye and then a temp- then he should go to the dr. if he had only pink eye and then a fever he probably just has another virus- if the fever lasts more then 3 days he should see the dr- many times children will get a temp and its gone after a few days and they then have an upper respiratory cold which will last 2 weeks or they have a fever it breaks and they then have the stomache virus. Good Luck!

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