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Updated on February 18, 2011
S.B. asks from Chicago, IL
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Alright, I have a call in to the the nurse hotline through my insurance, but the wait time is 75 minutes for a call back, and I'm betting you mommas are quicker than that...

My 15 month old son has woken up yesterday and today with a large piece of hardened eye goop in the inner corner of his right eye. Yesterday it was green, today it was more yellow. In addition, throughout the day he keeps having a small amount of a sticky goopy discharge forming on the surface of his eye. The area around his eye seems a tad puffy as well. He does not have a fever and does not seem to have any discomfort. Also, he does not have an actual literal "pink" eye, the whites of his eyes from what I can tell seem normal. Is this pink eye? Some other type of infection? Does this warrant a trip to the doc for medicine?

Thanks ladies!

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So What Happened?

Thanks ladies. I did talk to the nurse and she said it sounds like he just has a virus and it should clear up on its own in a few days. If it gets any worse or his eyes start to be visibly red and irritated then I'll take him into the doctor.

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yeah he needs some vigamox, its an antibiotic eye drop that has always worked well for us, its doctor prescribed though, but fairly cheap. Until you get him to the doc check your local pharmacy or walmart?target pharmacy section for "simialson pink eye relief" ive had luck with just that.



answers from Dallas on

thank goodness for no fever & no discomfort, but no doubt about it sweetie, it's def pink eye. the thing that ALWAYS signifies it for me is when you wipe the goop and it keeps coming back! he'll need oral meds or eye drops to clear it up, or at least my son always did. i caught pink eye from him the first time, too, b/c i didn't realize that's what it was and i had to get drops. so just be careful for your own eyes, too.
thankfully, the only thing it really is, is annoying. the drops are a nightmare to get in a baby, but hopefully they can give you something orally so you don't have to mess w/those darn things! either way, sorry for the pink eye, but it'll clear up soon! good luck w/your little boy. :)



answers from San Antonio on

If he has had cold could be sign of an ear infection. When my daughters eyes wept like that...yellow and greening goop, she always had an ear infection.

She never had pink was just a sign all her little tubes in her head were full of mucus and usually her ears would be infected by the time it started leaking out her eyes.



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Does he have other symptoms like a stuffy nose or a cold? If so then it might just be that the cold has moved to his eye. This happens to me a lot actually and it's no big deal. The fact that you describe it as goopy and green and it's on the surface of his eye too however, lead me to believe it may be an eye infection. It can be an infection and not be pink-eye per say, so I would probably call your pediatrician in the morning and make an appointment. At least he's not complaining!!


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it sounds like conjuctivitis going on or an ear infection that may be coming out thru his eye ... my son had that around 15months.



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From my experience with 4 is a cold in his will go away!

My girls (3) just had one and are fine now. No meds needed!

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