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Updated on July 03, 2013
M.W. asks from Marietta, GA
7 answers

If you get pink eye in one eye and a week later the other eye is infected, is it the same infection?

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answers from Los Angeles on

Yes, I would think so.



answers from Appleton on

Yes, and one of the biggest carriers is your make-up. If you have an eye infection buy NEW make-up for the not infected eye. When the infection clears, throw out the old make-up.

One simple way to get rid of pink eye is to wash out the infected eye with Johnson's Baby Shampoo. It has to be Johnson's. You put some in a clean sink and use a clean washcloth and wash out the eye. Clears up the infection quickly.



answers from Kansas City on

generally, yes. my daughter rarely gets pink eye in just the one eye.


answers from Boston on

Yes. It's easy to transfer germs from one eye to the other - every time you rub your eyes, the germs enter the tender tissues. It takes a few days sometimes for it to take hold, so probably the first eye was brewing and the 2nd one didn't get exposed right away. Hands, tissues, the tube of medication, washcloths, towels, anything your face touches.


answers from Columbia on

Yes. Pink eye, or conjuntivitis, is VERY contangious. It's important that, while you're treating it, you wash your hands often and not touch your face. Keeping everything clean is what will keep it from spreading.

I suggest that you use hot compresses on it every few hours. A hot wash cloth works fine.



answers from Pittsburgh on

yes, it easily spreads from one eye to another.



answers from Las Vegas on

YES.. Therefore, you must also change your pillowcase EVERY night until it goes away.. Don't re-use a washcloth OR towels that touched your face.. get rid of makeup you may have used and makeup brushes.. OR at least wash them out..
For pinkeye, as mentioned below, a warm compress works nicely .. I also like to use holistic drops you can buy from walgreens and for more severe cases, I use Boric Acid eye rinse.. Don't let the name scare you.. Ir's also in contact lense solution... Anyway, it helps you to get rid of the pink eye as well...

Good luck

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