Piggybacking... What Fashion Statements Do You Love?

Updated on May 09, 2011
L.P. asks from Uniontown, PA
16 answers

Or what are your go to pieces that you can't live without?

Just some fun fashion questions for a Friday morning, ladies!

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Featured Answers


answers from St. Louis on

Dresses! Dressed up or down. I am such a girl! Makes me feel pretty. lol
Also wont be caught without my Tiffany's necklace with my kids names engraved on it. Makes me feel whole.

Oh and my Big Star jeans rock my socks! And ma butt!

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answers from Cincinnati on

sundresses! I dont have to worry about putting an outfitt together. just slip it over my head and I'm dressed AND pretty!

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answers from Chicago on

I really like my skinny jeans and plain white or black T-Shirts. It's what I wear most of the days. My husband loves it when I wear heels with pretty much anything, but I usually prefer my black runners.

I also have a really cute pair of Converse slip-in runners. Basically they look like Converse runners but they don't have any laces, even though the lace holes are there. When I wore them yesterday, my six year old son said to me: "Mommy those are really cute shoes, but I think they are more for teenage girls." Thanks, my little fashion expert. By the way, he (my 6 year old) loves to wear his leather biker jacket and fedora everywhere right now. You wouldn't believe how many thumbs up he gets for his fashion.

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answers from Richmond on

I copied and pasted from my other response, LOL:

Fashions I can't live without: my ripped jeans. I will wear them until they fall off my body. My plain black nike flip flops. Tshirts I wore when I was 10. Sky high black heels. Plain spaghetti strap tanks with 'grandma' sweaters on top. Oversize sunglasses. Ridiculously floppy sunhats. Anything 'hippy'. 'Wife beaters' in every color. These are my staples :)

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answers from Appleton on

Denim skirts, can be dressed up or down. And goucho pants!!!!
And my SHOES. I love high heels, strappy, sexy made to strut my stuff in.

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answers from Seattle on

My boots (worn, calf length, leather). It's fifty degrees and overcast/rainy most of the year, so they're weather appropriate for 9 months out of twelve.

Slouchy sweaters.

My stripped, charcoal and cream, wool/silk scarf.

Warm Neutral colors.

I love a good material and texture: silk, wool, cashmere, soft cotton, etc. It's amazing the finds at thrift stores!

Warm, non athletic, jackets either short or long. 1940's women's fedora. Umbrella. Big earrings. Big leather belts.

Nicely cut pants. Big fan of Anne Taylor Trousers. Also (please don't throw tomatoes at me), skinny jeans. High waisted skirts with leggings/tights.

Summer time is slouchy tank, clunky sandals, big sunglasses, cropped trouser cut jeans, swim suit, what ever is still on my chair and doesn't stink ;-)

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answers from Spokane on

flip flops, jeans, t-shirt and sunglasses!

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answers from Williamsport on

Many things I cant' afford right now :) Good sunglasses, cool purse, right shoes, some cool dresses.....my daughter wants me to quit wearing black and jeans and get more colors :-0 Easier said than done!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Dark wash jeans, flip flops, sunglasses, purses, tees.
Cardigans and sweaters in winter.
Love my converse always have, always will.

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answers from New York on

flip flops, even in the winter... to the point that my mother found a pair of sheepswool lined flip flops in an LL Bean catalogue. You can take the girl out of the South, but you can't take the South out of the girl!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Pajamas! I'm an online grad student and sometimes work from home, also, so some days I stay in pj's, change to running clothes or karate uniform, then back to pj's.

Otherwise, in summer, sundresses with comfy Merrill or Ecco sandals to go to the beach, playground, or store.

For work, well-fitting black dress pants, short sleeve or sleeveless top, and black flyaway sweater, black ankle boots. That's my uniform.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

currently liking light wide bottom jeans and platform sandals. Satchel bags and crossbodies too. And my huge watches in gold and in white.

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answers from Columbus on

It's funny - and a bit telling - that I no longer think of fashion for myself any more. I've kind of outgrown it. I wear jeans and a nice fitted collared shirt and my loafers. That's me.

Both of these questions made me think about my 6 year old daughter and what she's up against as far as body image and fitting in. Unfortunately, left to her own devices, she would pick the sparkly pink strappy number. Which is not going to happen as long as I'm the one buying her clothes.

But I love love love when I can get her into this cute pair of blue tights with her blue skort and her maryjanes. Very traditional school girl. I LOVE the tights! So far, she likes it too. I know the day when she starts balking on MY style over hers is just around the corner!

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answers from Dallas on

I like capris, pretty sandals, and a blousy shirt.

I like bright springy colors, and crisp white but 905 of what I own is black. I wear black sandals, jean capris, and a black top with black sunglasses and tons of silver jewelry.

I like to see animal print paired with purple or red shoes or accesories.

My husband would tell you my signature look is long drapey necklaces that call attention to my cleavage! lol but not sure that's a statement but I like it.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

My Merrell shoes for running around. (Not really a "statement"--just comfy)

Silver jewelry--esp my Pandora bracelet which goes with EVERYTHING!

Straight from the hip jeans in a dark wash.

Sweater sets/tanks & cardigans are definitely a "go to" for me.

Yoga pants, my minivan, cell phone & big sunglasses & a bolo tie!---J/K

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answers from Iowa City on

Cardigans. Love them and have loved them since I was a child. Yoga pants because I am all about comfort. Dark wash jeans. Black t-shirts. Flip flops because I hate shoes yet have to wear something on my feet from time to time. Glasses (I had a bad incident with icy hot and contacts years ago so now I stick with glasses)...I have several pairs and like to switch them out based on my mood.

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