Pigeon Toed/bow Legged Baby....

Updated on January 09, 2011
K.I. asks from Spokane, WA
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Hello ladies...

My almost 1 yr old daughter is VERY pigeon toed and bow legged at the same time. Her feet, the left slightly worse than the right, turn in almost completley sideways. She has been walking since 8 months and it doesn't impeed her doing so. I was just wondering if anyone out there has expierenced this and if this is something that corrects itself or needs attention? I will be asking the Dr. next time we go in but hoping for some insight.


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answers from Seattle on

She appears bow legged because she is walking around a diaper. Her walking will change after there is no more diaper. I raised 5 kids and went through it with all of them. Please be patient. You are a good Mom and notice most things. Keep up the good work.

Ja Cee

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answers from Richland on

My 2 1/2 year old was very bow legged when he was born - I was given the same reason the others where, he was cramped inside of me. By the time he was 2 we hardly noticed it anymore and now he is almost 3 and you would never know that he was that way. He grew out of it. He is a bit pigeoned toed, but so was his dad. My husband ended up having to do some muscle strengthening exercises when he was younger to help and that did the trick. I would still ask your Dr. about the toes, but the legs should fix themselves in time.

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When my son was born he had the same problem. My mother-in-law and I would massage his leg and foot, turning it outward. The doctors never mentioned his feet. One turned in so much that he actually had to step over it with his other foot. At 5 years of age I took him to a specialist who said my son should have been in braces long before but that it was too late now. The Dr. also said most athletes have the same problem. So we left him alone and every time we noticed his foot turned inward we would just tell him to "turn your foot out, honey". With time he has learned to do so on his own and and now at 31 years old his foot only turns out when he is extremely tired.

Have a specialist look at your daughter but don't worry too much. She'll be okay!

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My daughter was born that way, and so was I. Back when I was an infant they put kids (myself included) in a foot brace 24/7. My mom said it was hell. What we did w/ Arden was put her special shoes that kind of turned her feet outward. That lasted from about 3-8 months old, then we put shoes on her opposite feet for awhile...especially after she started walking at 11 months. Then her feet still looked slightly pigeon toed, but not nearly so badly. Now she is 3 and all I notice are the toes of her right foot curl in a little bit when she's relaxed. I'd get your girl looked at ASAP but realize there's probably not much you can do at this age. Also, the situation does somewhat correct itself...maybe not completely, but it won't look so weird. Good luck



answers from Yakima on

My brother was the same. I remember the doctor told my mom to buy the cheapest shoes (thin soles). I have to tell you he is very athletic and is always on a select team! It scares you every time they start to run, you think they are going to fall over their own feet! Let us know what the doctor says.




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Not having seen your daughter, it does make sense to ask your doctor, though I am sure that he would have brought it up by now, if he though anything was wrong.
Most babies are somewhat pidgeon toed and bow legged this condition ia also known as "genu varum" and usually they grow out of it around age 2.
Your doctor can evaluate your baby for any medical conditions that may cause bow-leggedness - but they are quite uncommon.



answers from Bellingham on

Hi K.
My daughter is very similar to yours.. started walking at 9mo, totally bow legged/pigeintoed. she is now 18 mo. only one leg seems to have straightened and the other is still bowed.
my daughter is totally active, jumps, runs, climbs, doesn't slow her down even a little.
A girlfriend of mine is pigeontoed herself. she said her mom corrected hers a bit when she was this age. Her mom put hard sole shoes on the wrong feet. I havn't tried it yet, thought I would ask the dr first.
we have a well child check next week and I am going to have the dr check her hips/feet since we have a family history of bone issues. If you don't have a family history, she may just grow out of it, but peace of mind. ask the doctor.



answers from Portland on

Forty years ago my cousins baby boy was bowlegged and he grew out of it. Back then most babies didn't walk until after they were a year old. He was walking at 8 months. The doctor said his bones were still mostly cartilege and when they hardened up they would be straight and they were.

Severly pigeon toed is something else, I think. I recommend that you have her evaluated. When is your next appointment? I wouldn't wait too long for the evaluation because her bones are maturing rapidly. If there needs to be a correction it will be easier the early you start.

I've seen babies legs in a brace to straighten out their feet. They were younger than a year old.

Later: Please have your daughter's doctor looke at your daughter's feet. Other posters have said that their child grew out of it. That is the positive outlook. But I've seen a couple who didn't grow out of it and they still have difficulty walking.

The being pigeon toed in the extreme has a greater possibility of a serious problem. Sometimes it is caused by misalignment in the hips. If this is the case your daughter will have significant difficulties throughout her life if it's not corrected before her bones harden.

I'm not wanting to scare you but I do want to reinforce for you that your daughter needs to be seen soon. Don't wait until her 1 year check up. Hopefully she will outgrow it but I wouldn't want to take a chance on it.



answers from Denver on

Hi i just read your post. My one year old daughter is also Pigeon toed/bow legged . The doctors want me to wait until she is 3 to be sure that it wont correct its self. I see you posted this Feb.09 if you dont mind telling me what happen that would be great . Did she have to have anything special done or did it correct its self.



answers from Eugene on

My first child (boy) was that way. The doctor said it was because he was so large and cramped up inside me. That his bones were still soft and had conformed to the way he was folded up in me. But she said not to worry that he would outgrow it probably by the time he was in first grade. They did an x-ray just to be sure there wasn't anything else going on. He started walking very early too. It looked funny seeing this very bowlegged little guy walking around. But, sure enough he totally outgrew it. He is 12 now and you would never know his legs were ever bowed.