Picnic for Kindergarten -- Recommended Games/activities for Parents and Kids?

Updated on October 29, 2013
J.R. asks from Washington, DC
7 answers

Hi All,
I am living abroad...and am helping organize a picnic for my son's kindergarten class and the parents.

We have a low budget -- each family is bringing food.

We were trying to think of fun games or activities for the kids/parents -- on a low budget. From painting on large paper to frame and put up on the class...or just bringing balls...

Tug o war?

Anyone have any good fun picnic activity ideas?


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answers from Boston on

As was mentioned before, just set up stations and let them choose freely.

I'd add:
Bubble station.
Water table.
Sand table.
Water color paint station.

Have a great, relaxed time!

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answers from Rochester on

At that age you probably have a limited amount of time before the kids want to just run, especially if there is playground equipment. I would have stations that kids can move freely between and not do anything that has too much structure.

Sidewalk chalk
Dip various sizes of balls in different colors of paint and throw them at a big canvas or piece of paper to make "modern art."
Face painting
Bowling (fill empty soda bottles with a little water)
Cake walk (ask each family to donate a small plate of cookies, cupcakes, etc.)
Temporary tattoo station

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answers from Chicago on

3 legged race
Tug a war
Red light green light
Simon says
Musical chairs
Square / line dancing
Side wall chalk murals
Water balloon fights
Balloon volleyball

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answers from San Francisco on

For my son's end of the year kinder party last year, we had a picnic with various outdoor games. They did sack races, various types of relay races (we switched it up throughout the day, but things like three legged races, bear crawling. backwards walking, etc). You could do a ring toss or beanbag toss, put balls on a parachute, tug of war would be fun too. Anything you can play outside is fun for kids at this age. It doesn't have to be fancy at all.

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answers from Miami on

I agree with set up stations but mix a race here and there. We usually try a scavenger hunt. An easy one whit stickers etc as prizes



answers from Boca Raton on

If it is still warm, how about a water balloon toss contest?
Pitching coins into a can is cheap - if the kids get it in they get to keep the money.
EDIT - I just read Sherry's answer - perfect!!!!!! Sherry, please refresh my memory, how do you play red light/green light?



answers from Dallas on

Look on the Family Fun website. Also pintrest.

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