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Updated on August 19, 2012
C.D. asks from Kansas City, MO
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My son is 3 and is a very picky eater and is very stubborn. He won't eat fruit at all, sandwiches other than PB&J are out. Some vegetables are okay but never raw. He will not eat yogurt, tortillas, chicken (most of the time), Jell-O, really anything that most kids like. I am looking for some new ideas on what to give him for breakfast and lunch. I run a daycare as well so he makes it much more difficult as I want to give everyone at least similar lunches so I am not spending my entire day preparing different foods.

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So What Happened?

About the Jell-O, it is not something I give to any of the kids I just used it as an example as to how picky he is.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I would sit down and make a list of the things he will eat. Make sure you have those items and serve them with a little of the things he does not like on his plate. He will eventually start to eat some new foods. So basically PB&J everyday with a little of what other kids are eating on the side. Don't make him eat the other stuff but put it there so he can get used to seeing it and he may try it one time.

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answers from New York on

Don't focus on what he won't eat. Focus on what he will eat. JellO doesn't matter, it's not a food, it's sugar. Kids don't need to eat that.
If you make him what everyone else is eating, he'll either eat it or go hungry. Getting a separate lunch is only an option if you make it available.
Another option is at mealtime, to serve on main dish and a lot of sides, and let him help himself to what he wants - so you might serve meatballs (beef or turkey) with pasta, bread and butter, salad, a cooked green veggie, corn, fruit and cheese cubes. Then let him choose whatever he wants. Don't bribe, beg or wheedle him to "try just a little bite of the ____________." Don't comment on what he chooses or doesn't choose at all. If you show him that you don't really care all that much, he won't make so much drama over it. Good luck

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answers from San Francisco on

Okay, I could be way off here since when I was young I refused veggies (especially raw ones, still can't eat raw carrots, yuck!) That said, my 2nd son also refused veggies and fruits (I used to think what kind of a kid doesn't like fruit?) It wasn't until years later that we found out he was allergic! I felt like a horrible mother. Turns out he was allergic to all melons, grapes, citrus, berries, peaches, nectarines, carrots (yes, carrots), celery, corn. He can eat apples thank goodness. He is nearly 17 now and it is really difficult to give him a well balanced meal. Could be your son is just a picky eater but could be something else. Oh, and if the only sandwich he likes is pb&j, then give him pb&j. Most kids go through food phases. A friend's son lived the first 9 years of his life eating just about nothing but Tyson chicken nuggets. Just make sure you offer a little of everything every time.

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answers from Atlanta on

My 2 year old is the EXACT SAME WAY! And I am at a loss as to what to feed him. He dont eat vegetables, pasta's or breads. Try waffles, cheesy eggs, bacon or sausage (if you eat meat), cold cereal and the fruit and cream oatmeal.. Lunch..I do pbj sandwich, fruit cups, applesauce cups, chicken fingers, fish sticks, fries, beanie weanie, chips... Sometimes he'll eat a tuna sandwich. I know that none of this is healthy but its better than no food at all. Sometimes I make homemade fries, fish sticks and chicken tenders. Dinner time..I am not one of those parents that cook 2 dinners. He may take 1 or 2 bites and thats it. I give him a vitamin everyday. I will revisit your post for suggestions as well.

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