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Updated on October 10, 2010
A.B. asks from Bolingbrook, IL
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Ok this is a bit of a silly question but has any mama out there had a serious craving for pickles while pregnant? I can't seem to get enough of them. I am only 13 weeks pregnant with our second baby but I worry a little bit that I am getting way too much sodium and I'm going to blow up and get all puffy. Has anyone had any issues with their pickle cravings during pregnancy? Or were you fine all throughout your pregnancy even as you ate pickles all the time?

Congrats on the babies, mamas! Pickles and cream cheese are awesome! I have been eating that like crazy too! I guess I'm not the only pickle-loving pregnant woman :)

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I ate dill pickles, a wedge of sharp cheddar and a large glass of milk my first pregnancy. Couldn't get enough! Had no problems....

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answers from Boise on

I would just make sure that you are drinking enough water. While preggers you are supposed to get 100 oz. a day. I was told by my doc that you should go with your cravings.

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I ALWAYS want pickles!! :)

I'm not terrible about them, I probably only have them a few times a week. However, if we have cream cheese in the fridge, watch out! I LOVE pickles with cream cheese. (That was a pre-pregnancy food I liked, too.)

I have no idea how much sodium is in pickles and almost never think about sodium or salt intake, but I've never had a problem while pregnant. Try keeping track for a day of your regular intake and factor in a few pickles. If you're eating too many, there are little mini-packs of baby dills you can get that might help you ration them (although I'm sure they're more expensive than the jar).



answers from Eugene on

I ate so many pickles during the first 18 weeks! I was buying giant tubs of the Clausens--and drinking the juice--I also drank balsamic vinegar...weird. I had bad nausea and they seemed to really help (along with pineapple). I think all I ate for the first 18 weeks were pickles and pineapple. I felt like a cliche, but it was all I could keep down. Once I got through that period I quit craving them and haven't had one in months (due in 10 days).



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I did not crave pickles at all while I was pregnant but craved them like crazy when I was breastfeeding. It didn't seem to cause any problems for me or my daughter. I think pregnant women have been craving pickles for years. But if it gives you peace of mind, ask your ob-gyn if there is such a thing as too many. Best wishes for a safe & happy birth!



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Oh boy, I love me some pickles!! I am also pg, about 14 wks, but DO have a tendency towards borderline to high bp during pregnancy. I am highly sensitive to sodium, so I had to toss the pickles during pregnancy. They are indeed loaded with sodium, which is never good while pregnant.



answers from Austin on

Never did crave pickles. I always wanted onion rings... but ONLY from Burger King and I HAD to have fry sauce with them. And... my little secret.. I claimed to be "craving" ice cream... I wasn't necessarily craving it, but I love the stuff, and I figured that if I have to deal with the morning sickness, back aches, weight gain, etc... I DESERVED it. :) hee hee hee. My fiance still teases me about being a cliche, but hey, I got my ice cream!



answers from Columbia on

I went through a jar of pickles a day while i was pregnant and not the small jar either. I ate them from the time i woke up to the time i went to bed and even drank the pickle juice when all the pickles were gone. Yes i gained about 50 lbs but that was also because all i did for 9 months was eat and i didnt have very healthy eating habits either. i think you're fine. my daughter came out healthy with no complications... though my daughter at 10 months is a pickle addict. she LOVES them. not sure if it has to do with all the pickles i ate but im thinking maybe. lol

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