Pick Your Own Peaches or Blackberries?

Updated on June 30, 2009
B.S. asks from Lewisville, TX
4 answers

Anybody have a personal experience with pick your own peaches and/or blackberreis? I see some on pickyourown.org but would love a personal recommendation.

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answers from Dallas on

Hi B.,
I don't know about picking your own, but there is an orchard not far from Dallas you can get freshly picked peaches. We drove out there last month and the peaches were amazing. we got a big box for $20, and that was early in the season. They told us it was going to be a great season. I had a blast sharing the fruit with family, baking peach crisps. My family devoured the fruit. Here is the website: http://www.hamorchard.com/
Best of Luck,

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answers from Dallas on

Try Duck Creek Blackberry farm in Sanger. It is a small farm and only has blackberries. They are only open Tues evenings and Sat mornings. Check their website before you go duckcreekblackberries.com



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Hi B.,

I've not picked Peaches or blackberries, but while in California we stopped and picked cherries. We paid $20 a person and was give a large cup to put as many cherries in it as we could walk out with, But we could also eat as much as we wanted while in there. Boy was that a blast. They had 3 different kinds of cherries and we tasted them all. It turned out to be worth the money just having the experience. Go for it.

P.S. They told us that they didn't spray their tress with pesticides so we could eat them from the tress. That's real important.

Love and Light,
Rev. G. Hudson, Reiki Master.



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I am going to second the Hams Orchard!!

There is also a blueberry and blackberry patch in Sadler, which is between Sherman and Gainsville (i believe!)
Their website is www.txberry.com

Have fun!!

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