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Updated on November 29, 2006
C.K. asks from Columbus, GA
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How do you get a 2 1/2 year old to spit his phlegm out? Morgan is getting over a virus and has quite a bit of phlegm which causes her to throw up allot. She's lost 2 pounds already.

She won't eat but continues to drink.

Any ideas?

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answers from Atlanta on

Try the "sqeeze method" with the bulb to suck the phlem out as much as possible, I even used to blow into their mouths and force the phlem out of their noses that way...I know it sounds crazy but it works, she wont like it, but it will help.
Good Luck!!



answers from Augusta on

Hmm, at this age she should know how to spit. I taught my son at that age to do it while we brushed his teeth. Practice showing her how to do it and explain that ur not suppose to swallow the germs. Not much u can do though if ur not right there every time she coughs it up to stop her before she swallows it. U can also use a bulb syringe like u use on babies.



answers from Atlanta on

I would call the doctor. You never know something else may be going on to. I think there are medications that will help.



answers from Atlanta on

Wow, this is a tough one, but because I have a son who constantly has these types of issues I may have a solution for you. Try taking a small plastic drink bottle and have him decorate a new label for it. Nothing fancy, but something he likes. Spider Man, Cars, etc. Tape it on the bottle and try to explain that it is his special bottle to get the bugs out. I sincerely hope this works for you. I know how hard it is to get one so young to do what is nessasary for them. Good luck!

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