Petunia Pickle Bottom

Updated on November 01, 2010
K.H. asks from Escondido, CA
7 answers

i am a first time parent to be and have been looking at the petunia pickle bottom boxy diaper bags. does anyone have an opinion on them (especially the flap) is it awkward to get into in a hurry? thanks!

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answers from Dallas on

Honestly, I always just used the black enfamil or similac bag that they give you at the hospital. I started out with the expensive ones, but the black (hides spit up, lol), plastic (easy to wipe) bags made the most sense to me. I only used a diaper bag for the first year and then moved on to a mini-backpack anyway, so things they outgrow so quickly just aren't worth the cost to me.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I have always looooved them but didn't get one bc the material was silky and I knew I would ruin it. I just had my second baby and saw they have them ina 'plastic' material and its awesome. Its so roomy and I love the changing pad thsts attached in there :)



answers from San Francisco on

I bought one because it was really beautiful but in the end it did not meet my needs. Mostly because I like to have a 'mother's area' and the velcro was noisy.
Instead I went with a Ju Ju Be Between. I was able to buy a matching wallet and I am super happy with this combination. They have cute fabrics but are really practical with what a mother needs.



answers from Los Angeles on

those bags are beautiful but pricy and not so durable. I snagged a Roxy carry on/toiletry bag. It was about $75 but it was leather outside and plastic inside. there were a acouple pockets but I liked no pockets. I used a leftover make up bag for the small little things. It worked awesome!



answers from Los Angeles on

My MIL bought me one for a shower gift. It was a boxy backpack with coated-canvas fabric which is wipe-able and water-repellent. I would never have spent so much on a diaper bag myself. It held up well. However, the one thing I really didn't like about it was the front flap which uses velcro to close. It made a horrible ripping noise when opening which isn't a big deal in noisy places but was like nails on a chalk board in church.



answers from San Diego on

I purchased a ppb bag at a charity event, but would not suggest buying one retail. It was very pretty and I was able to get coffee stains out but it wasn't really practical. The space inside was somewhat awkward, and I filled it easily so it wasn't always easy to find things.
I have a few diaper bags and the one I used most was a simple backpack.
Good luck and congrats on the new baby!



answers from San Diego on

I fell in "lust" with a petunia pickle bottom and 3 people went in on one together (for my shower). It was so beautiful! Coral colored with embroidery. I believe it was over $200. Well, the zipper broke after 6 weeks and I couldn't even get the stains off it. I switched over to a canvas bag that I could easily throw in the laundry. An expensive "purse".

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