Petite Size Clothes Or... How to Be a Better Shopper

Updated on September 07, 2010
J.W. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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Any suggestions on stores that carry a variety of XS and Size 0 petites for women over the age of 19? Everything that I find is either too young or too expensive. I am 44 and not interested in dressing like my daughter, but nicer looking clothes in that size are often pricey. I am not much of a shopper and usually just give up but I have to think there has to be something! I went to the mall with co-workers at lunch today and it is just frustrating to see so many styles that I like but none in my size. The only place that I have found is Anne Taylor Loft, but if not on sale they are pricey for me and after a while their clothes all look the same to me.

Or any suggestions on how to make shopping less of chore - maybe if I enjoyed going store to store and trying on a thousand outfits I would have better luck? But as it is, if I have to go to more than 2 stores I'm done.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Express has some cute things! I am size 0 and 36 yrs old and I like to shop there. They have great coupons to if you sign up online. Gap is good too. The Limited has some nice items.

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answers from Dallas on

Check out the Talbots outlet in Lewisville. They had a large section on petites there style is like Banna Repbulic. Many of there tops are 10 bucks in the out let only. I love there jackets as they are normally about 200 buck and you can find them around 15 there. They also have a store but its full retail. They are VERY well made and are not "cheap" but you can shop smart and check out the outlet! :)

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answers from Dallas on

You should try So wears or JCPenney's. I have always been satisfied with their selection. Those are my go to stores even still, and my body has changed quite a bit!



answers from Chicago on

Sounds like we're the same size. Ann Taylor Loft does have nice petites that fit me well, but yes, they are pricey. I did, however, find a great pair of jeans there. I've also found less expensive jeans at Charlotte Russe or Russo...definitely a high school type store, but the jeans fit well (& I refuse to hem jeans) (& not sure if TX has those). I also find tops at Eddie Bauer, but you may have to look for sales. The way I see it is this...I would much rather have this "problem" than the opposite problem!



answers from San Francisco on

I'm 38, wear XS/0 and know exactly how you feel! Finding classy clothes in our size can be expensive - I just went to my local Ross and the smallest non-juniors size was a 3! My solution is to go to a department store, try on clothes to see what size and brands fit best, then wait for them to go on sale online (I always find way more choices online, too.) It's still more expensive than Ross, but I try to take good care of my clothes so they will last awhile.


answers from Los Angeles on

maybe shopping on line will give you access to a greater variety of sizes.



answers from Fort Wayne on

Look at department stores like Kohls, JCPenny's or Sears. You'll have the best luck with the best prices. I love Kohl's for their petite section. They have jeans, skirts, shorts, tops, dresses, everything! Lots of stores also carry jeans or pants in "short" "regular" and "tall." The pants labeled "short" should fit you. You may have to spend some time shopping at different places to see what works best for you. You don't have to try on a thousand outfits. When you enter the store, fine a sales associate and ask if they carry pants in "short" or "petite." Then have them pull some for you. You should be ok buying regular shirts. I find that it really is necessary to spend some time looking at a lot of stores before I find something that fits the way I want it to. You'd be amazed at how much for fun shopping is when the things you're trying on actually fit! I enjoy shopping alone so I can take my time.
Good luck! I'm 5' and have the same issues.



answers from Dallas on

(Call Me! Send back a private message for my phone #!)

I am 30 years old, 5'4" and 85lbs so I wear smaller than what used to be a 00. Now it seems some zeros fit and others swallow me. I vary from XS to XXS. However I have discovered that I wear a 14slim in Abercrombie's kid jeans and they fit and look very adult on me. These 'higher-end' brands make lots of adult looking clothes in "kid" sizes (scary!). Also Plato's Closet for cheaper options. I have some other tips, but I mainly wanted to invite you over to my house...In a few months, I will have another of my yearly SWAP meets with several other like-sized girlfriends of mine where we just swap clothes. It is way more relaxed, you find cooler things and they are in our size range. Plus it's all free. :-) The more of "us" we get, the more fun we all have. This is a plus-sized-world and growing so we need to stick together! Good Luck!



answers from San Francisco on

I think GAP has a petite selection, but it's only online. I worked with a woman the size of a 14 year old, and she used to shop GAP online.
Nordstrom carries good petites. try Nordstrom Rack (markdowns). Look at their website, and GAPs too. If you get a feel for styles and cuts that work on you, shopping online can be easy.
Knowing a good tailor can help too!
Don't be shy about asking small well-dressed women you see where they get their clothes.



answers from Johnstown on

I'm pretty sure JCPenney has a whole catalog specifically for petites. You can look at the service desk or call their 800 number listed on their website to request a catalog.


answers from Houston on

gap and bannana repbulic, old navy though bananna can be expensive.

try kohls, jc pennies...



answers from Dallas on

I have the same problem, but on the opposite end of the spectrum, as I am plus-sized. I have found some do-able options online. Perhaps searching online will help you. Still, I understand the frustration, believe me--I can't go shopping with friends for clothes in "regular" stores, as none of them fit me, and all of the things I find in stores are either totally hideous (think sequins, moo moo, or way too stupid), unprofessional, or ill-fitting. However, with online shopping, you can often find coupons that will get at least few shipping, so you can have some convenience without paying too much if you need to send it back. Good luck--you're not alone!

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