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Updated on December 10, 2015
M. asks from Thornton, IL
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I have tried to remove the odor of pet urine from my carpet and have not had much luck. I tried the natures miracle, did not work for me, I have tried vinegar, I have deep cleaned our carpet, but I still smell it, my husband does not as much as me, but I am an odor person, I can not really handle smells, we can not afford to replace the carpet, any sure fire ways to get the odor out? I do not want my cat or dog to restain the area again!!!

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answers from Chicago on

Two Products that I know of that work well are:

1. Anti-icky poo
2. Urine Off

You can get them at Petsmart, on-line, etc.. These two products work by actually breaking down urine so it is no longer in the carpet or pad. It really discourages pets from remarking the same areas. I highly recommend them.

Good luck and let us know if anything you tried works.

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answers from Chicago on

In a desperate attempt to combat where my aged cat had peed, I purchased this recipe on Ebay. I have tried it and it seems to work pretty well. This is exactly how it was emailed to me:

Here’s what you’ll need....


12oz. Hydrogen Peroxide

16oz or greater PLASTIC bottle ( I find sport drink
bottles with pull up caps work the best)

2 teaspoons of Baking Soda

1 teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap

Black light (optional, though recommended)


First you need to make the solution. You can mix it
in a plastic bowl or right in your bottle. Pour all
the ingredients in and mix well with any type of
plastic utensil. I simply swish it around in the
bottle until all the ingredients are mixed
2. After you make the solution, you’ll need to find
the stain (this is where the black light comes in if
you don't have one or know where the stain is then
skip to step 3) Turn off the lights
and use the black light to scan the area and find the
urine. It will glow under the black light. You may
have seen this procedure on TV when they investigate
dirty hotel rooms.

3. Now to clean the area (you may want to do a spot
test on your carpet though I have never had a problem
with this solution, the carpet may look lighter in
dirty areas because it has also removed the stain )
Pour your solution evenly on the affected area so it
gets deep into the carpet and underling pad.

4. Allow to completely dry and vacuum area to remove
the baking soda!

Now your finished and the odor should be completely
gone. Your dog will not smell anything and so will not
urinate on the area again! You can use this solution
to get out tough stains, too. It can also be used in
the car!

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answers from Chicago on

Did you let the Nature's Miracle really SOAK in to the Carpet? That is necessary. You have to just leave it on there.

THe other thing you can try is that Urine Gone. I know my cousin has used it and loves it.

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answers from Chicago on

LMAO.... this was my big problem YESTERDAY in my daughters bedroom! We have a new puppy who seems to have found where our dog from 9 years ago would pee.... we have changed the carpet but I am guessing it is in the underlament or something?!?!

Saturday I was at the dollar store and found Rose Scented Oil... you can get Essential Oils from lots of places (I got lucky to find them there)! I mixed about 15 drops in a small box of baking soda and mixed up really well! I put it on the carpet and waited about 2 hours before vacuuming it up. Her room smells awesome now! I even had company mention it today and ask what I was using for air freshener in there since it smelled so nice!

I also put more on the areas I know she has peed.... I am hoping it takes away the odor so she does not go there again! If not I will have to find something to stop that from happening!

Good luck and blessings to you!

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answers from Chicago on

I had the same issue, and it seems that the smell always comes out when the weather gets warm.

I use kids and pets. Or is it pets and kids. Any way, you can buy it at Jewel, Target. It is in a red and white bottle with the carpet cleaners.
You just soak the carpet and let it works it's magic. It was the only think that helped us.

I do know that using hot water, such as with a steam cleaner sets in the smell and is harder to get out.

Good Luck to you!

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answers from Cincinnati on

This response is a little long in coming but...there is a product available over the counter in the Cincinnati area and on the web everywhere else called odorxit concentrate that has removed dog and cat urine from my carpet and flooring permanently. It's pretty easy to use even on old stains but you have to read the instructions for using it on the area you have. None of the household chemicals mentioned worked for me.



answers from Chicago on

Is Natures Miracle a pet enzyme cleaner? Maybe you need to wash the spot a few more times?

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