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Updated on September 06, 2009
E.C. asks from Rockwall, TX
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I have a pet situation that I was hoping to get some advice on. I have had a cat for almost 9 years that is now having some liver issues. She is not the healthiest because of this. For example, she has Gingivitis; however, we cannot get her teeth cleaned b/c of her enzyme levels - too dangerous. Also, she is not eating as well as she used to. The real issue is that she has started peeing in our home which I cannot stand. The poor thing cannot hold her bladder. If you have ever smelled cat pee, it is horrible. I do not know what to do right now. Has anyone run into similar pet issues? What did you do? My husband wants to put her to sleep; however, I don't know if I am ready for that. He says that we cannot afford the level care that she require; and will not stand the peeing in the house. Which I can understand his reasoning. I thought about giving her away; however, I don't think anyone will want a cat that has these health problems. And even if someone thinks they can handle, I am worried she would end up on the street in someone elses care.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for everyone's advice. It made me feel a lot better. I just did not know what to do with my poor kitty. However, I think that I am going to make an appointment at the vet to discuss options. That way, we can discuss what is best for our family and our kitty.

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Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract cat litter.

It worked for my adult cat that started peeing in my bedroom.
I used to get it at Pet's Mart.
It is money back guaranteed.

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I've been in that situation however with a dog. He had kidney and bladder problems and couldn't hold it for 8 hours anymore. I put down a shower curtain and he would go on that during the day. When he couldn't climb steps or get on the couch anymore I decided then to put him to sleep. There is special food for your pet. I gave my Dog K/D dog food, which is specifically for Kidney problems, it did help some. He was on medication as well. I did everything I could to help him, it was expensive but it was worth it. I didn't have a lot of steps except maybe 1 or 2 here and there, but once it got to be hard for him to move around that like that, that's when I made the decision that it was time.

It is your decision, if you do want to give her away, you might try a vet or vet hospital where they might be more apt to taking care of her. Can she be outdoors in your backyard? I know there is diapers you can put on dogs, not sure about cats. Hope this helps. I'm sorry to hear about your cat, I know how hard that is when you are very attached to your pet. They are so much comfort and give so much love.

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You need to stop and think about the cat's life. Is he having good "quality" of life right now? No one can tell you WHAT to do... that is your decision. Just stop and think about what is best for the Kitty.

*My darling KC was with me for almost 15 years. She developed Liver and then Kidney problems. After 2 weeks of my giving her fluid transfusions twice a day I had her put to sleep. The stress of treatment was just too much to make her go through when there was no chance of recovery, just prolonging the issue.

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Just because you are not ready to put the cat to sleep doesn't mean she doesn't need it. How much pain is the poor thing in? Giving her away after you having her for 9 years would be horrible for the cat. You just have to step up to the plate and do what needs to be done. Things aren't meant to live forever, whether you are ready or not. You can try putting her in one room with tile and confining her there, that way the accidents would be easy to clean up. But getting rid of her after 9 years is more cruel than just putting her to sleep. I have a 12 yr old mini collie. We haven't put her down but have talked to the vet about it. She hasn't gotten to that point yet, but she is blind and deaf, but in relatively good health except for some arthritis. But I would never want her to suffer. So as long as she isn't suffering, then I am fine. But if the arthritis meds don't work etc. than she will be put to sleep.
It's not always an easy decision. But the cat will only get sicker and sicker with liver problems. Perhaps a trip to the vet will help answer any questions you have. It isn't traumatic for them at all. THey literally, just doze off, fall asleep and pass quietly.
Good luck,



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You need to get have your vet give you direction with these problems. He/she may be able to get the urinary problems solved.
Also, if the cat is in such poor condition.. the vet usually helps families make the decision regarding the quality of life for the pet including euthanasia. These are hard decisions but a vet should probably be helping you make them.



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I cant say that I have been in this situation, I am sorry to hear that you're going thur that. I am a cat lover :)
Honestly if it was me and my cat...I think I would agree with the husband...Not only do i not want the cat to end up on the street some where but what quailty life do you think the cats having right now? She is probably pretty miserable :( I hope this helps.


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I'm so sorry you are faced with such a difficult decision. I wouldn't give the cat away because you are right, she could end up on the street. You've already gotten some good advice, so I'll just say again how sorry I am you are having to deal with such a sad situation.



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Call Parkside Animal Hospital ###-###-#### Ask for Dr Kay Wigginton she Loves Cats and is the best Vet around to help you at least if or when you do have to make this decision you will know you did all you could. Good Luck though I am going to have to make that decision soon as well my cat is 17 yrs and is going senile I also have her on medication but she still has a very LOUD meow at all hours of the night and will just walk around looking at a wall and Meow out loud VERY LOUD!!! Very sad Call Dr Wigginton



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This is a suggestion if she's not in pain. Do you have a porch, or shady place in your backyard? I would make her a pen out of portable chain-link panels (put a top on it as well) and see how she does.


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I am an animal lover. We don't have cats, however our first "baby", an English Cocker Spaniel, Maggie had cancer.

Toward the end of her 14 yrs with us back in 2000, she began to lose control of her bladder and pooping. We gated an area of our home that was not carpeted for her to stay when we went away or couldn't monitor her 24/7. Then there was THE day when we greeted her in the morning and the look in her eyes told us it was time.

That vet visit was the hardest thing we had ever done. We knew we did the right thing, it was like she was communicating with us.

This happened again with our American Cocker Spaniel, Frankie about 5 yrs ago. You just "know" when it is time. Frankie did not have the issues with bladder, etc...he was just aging and our visit to the vet with him was at midnight.

We treasure the time we did enjoy with those pets. They both had a wonderful life. We laugh now about how Frankie was so destructive and accident prone. In his 15 yrs, I think we spent about 10 grand on surgeries and repairing things he destroyed. He was our most expensive by far.

We now have a 10 yr old American Cocker, 4 yr old English Cocker and 3 yr old toy poodle....ALL spoiled like crazy. We know they are enjoying life with us. The 10 yr old is not in great health now and I know we will face another dreaded decision in a couple yrs or so.

Sorry for the ramble....bottom line is that you know when it is "time" when you see the "look" in your pet's eyes and you know they are are no longer enjoying living.

Best wishes to you...



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I had a similar situation and sadly we had to put the cat to sleep. We ended up having to replace the flooring in one room because of the urine smell- that cost a fortune. It was a very difficult decision to make, but it is unhealthy to live in that environment and if nothing else can be done then that is the only answer. I too couldn't find a home for an unhealthy cat that was facing pricey vet bills. I know it's really hard to do... so sorry you are in that situation.



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My dog got sick and I had the choice of putting him down or treating him. I chose to treat him, but I know he didn't feel as well as normal. Then I caught a bug and felt bad for 2 weeks. It opened my eyes that when you are in organ failure you never get to have a good D.. The expense of care is also not justifiable in these times. When I took him in for his last appointment, I could clearly see he was so ready to lay down and go to sleep. It will be upsetting for the family but relief to a pet in constant discomfort.


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Hi Erica,
I'm sorry that your cat is sick and that you are in a hard place in making a decision. Liver problems as you probably already know do not get better as liver damage is permanent and it's not able to regenerate as the kidneys would. With that said, things will only get worse and not any better. "( The only suggestion would be confinement. In other words, keep her in a place where she can be eliminate inappropriately. I'm speaking of a cage, a cat cage. It would be pricey but you would be able to clean the area easier than different areas in your house, though it may not eliminate the odor.
As for giving her away, I really wouldn't suggest this. Not a good idea to give an elder animal that is sick to someone else. That alot of stress for an animal to tolerate while dealing with illness.
Putting an ill animal down is never an easy decision but sometimes it is called for. It's not wrong for you to make a choice like this because of her peeing inappropriately, though some my feel different and think that it's a decision of convenience. I was a vet tech for over 11 years and saw all different kinds of sad situations that people and their pets where in. I learned never to pass judgment on them for making the choices they had to make. I wish you best on whatever your decision will be.
Best Regards,

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