Pet Peeves That Get You in a Bad Mood?

Updated on January 24, 2012
✩.!. asks from Boulder, CO
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I can not stand to come home (or I suppose anytime) with a sink full of food caked on dishes. I could honestly care less that I have a sink full of dishes as long as the food has been cleaned off - I just hate standing there scrubbing to get the old food off.

So JFF for this wonderful Tuesday morning - what is your pet peeve that can just make you blood boil?


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answers from Denver on

We hubby thinks it's a great idea to get romantic at 6:50 in the morning knowing I have to get the kids up and out the door in 5 minutes.

Nothing aggravates me more - he gets all pissed cause I have to get up and can't "play" and then the morning is spent watching him pout.

Men are such babies. :-)

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answers from Detroit on

When the dishwasher is dirty and someone (usually DH) leaves a dish in the sink instead of just putting it right in the dishwasher.

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answers from Dallas on

When my hubby tells me he'll do something, but doesn't. Then when I start to do it he'll come take over like he's doing me a favor. That and when he changes and feeds the kids when we are around our families acting like he's superdad and husband, but then at home it's all on me. And everyone says oh it's so great that he helps you out all the time. Yeah right.

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answers from Washington DC on

how about this one?

We got snow and ice on Saturday here in big deal right? wrong. We had a pinhead (and I use that word because what I really want to say would get my post pulled) ONLY clear off a "port hole" of his windshield and left the snow on the car - EVEN THE DRIVERS SIDE WINDOW IS COVERED...doh!

Guy jumps the curb and hits a tree and says "it's because of the ice" - ah no dipsh$t - it's because you couldn't SEE WHERE YOU WERE GOING! CLEAN YOUR FREAKING CAR OFF!!!

Even the police told him it wasn't about the ice - it was a SCA where only the driver was to blame, not road conditions.

So people who don't clean their cars off in snow...what freaking pinheads!
And those who don't turn their head lights on in the rain, fog (which we had today - well, **I** can see...see what stupidity we deal with?) yeah - pinheads drive me insane!

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answers from Detroit on

Same as you - simple things that are nothing to clean up or take care of but people just can't be bothered.

And stupid people. Stupid people just really tick me off.

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answers from Lakeland on

You are not alone with that pet peeve. My stepson will drink a glass of milk and turn it over in the sink (unrinsed). YUCK!!
My other pet peeve is when someone is driving in the far left lane on a major highway and going 20mph under the speed limit.

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answers from Houston on

Oh, I hate that sink full of caked on mess too. Just rinse the darn things. Ditto on the pouting husband. Really, man, if we don’t have time, then leave it for later. It’s like picking off a scab and then complaining its bleeding.

My very one thing that sends me in to instant orbit every single time and makes me just want to get all pissy screaming enraged, though - being condescended to. If you can’t talk to me like an intelligent adult, then don’t talk to me at all.

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answers from Dallas on

My kids arguing with each other is nails on a chalk board

Sometimes my husband will "load the dishwasher" by just throwing everything in and slamming the door. I mean glasses are still stacked together, things are laid on thier side, no rhyme or reason. He's just getting it out of the sink. Nothing gets cleaned and drinking glasses get broke. So, there I am, cleaning broken glass out of the dishwasher and rearranging things so that the water spray can hit it. I dont say anything because that would sound unappreciateive and bitchy. So, I just fume instead.

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answers from Chicago on

hearing someone snap the gum in their mouth - drives me up the wall!

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answers from Washington DC on

i'm with you!
and yet if i demand 'help' what i get is a dishwasher poorly loaded with caked-on gunk that i have to scrub and re-wash anyway.
if they fill the sink with hot soapy water and let the dishes soak i don't mind doing them. but it rarely happens.
i try to remember that they are a good lot of men in most ways, but somehow i seem to have failed monstrously in the kitchen department. everyone can cook, but despite a quarter of a century of mothering, i haven't managed to instill an attitude of 'clean as you go' that i can live with. so i'm stuck either doing it all and fuming, or re-doing their 'help' and fuming.
now i need to go kick the dog.
thanks a LOT, sam!

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answers from Lincoln on

knuckle popping is my version of nails on a chalkboard... STOP PLEASE!!! Go in the other room and pop if you need to!

Also, the one pet peeve I always always say whenever these pop up. People who are so engrossed in the internet and their phone that they zone you out when you are talking to them. Technology is good, but there's a whole world outside of that screen.

Lately my son doesn't listen to a darn word I say, so that's a big peeve of mine. From big things like do your homework to stupid little things like get in the car. He's like deaf to me or something. Ugh!

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answers from Jacksonville on

Going to the bathroom...then looking out the door to see the toilet paper sitting on the counter...did I mention we have a seperate room with the toilet? Uggh Why cant the man just take a little toilet paper with him to blow his nose and leave the rest of the roll?

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answers from Detroit on

When My husband is mad at me for something that I did or did not do! LOL....

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answers from Los Angeles on

People blowing their nose or hawking/hacking up phlegm anywhere near people who are eating! OMG! This is SO disgusting! It makes me gag...literally...and ruins my appetite and my whole meal!

Also, when I finally sit down at night after doing a clean sweep of cleaning and one of my teens or husband goes and gets a snack and puts the 1 dish in the sink after I have already started the dishwasher! Aargh!

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answers from Columbus on

Hearing someone chew gum with their mouth open and THEN blowing a bubble with it; it drives me nuts!!!
The other thing is having just cleaned something and someone getting dirty/messy immediately. One last thing is to see my husband using household items as if we had the money to waste (ex. Using my sometimes new bath towels to change the oil in his truck or wipe the floor) and then be upset because I’m upset about it because its “just things”; but I’m the one that actually buys them!!!

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answers from Raleigh on

People that talk on their cell phones in public restrooms. I make sure to flush and cough and make all kinds of noise while they are trying to carry on their conversation. Seriously... who does this? I don't even talk on the house phone while using the bathroom. It aggravates me to no end.

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answers from Boston on

Anytime anyone is chewing food or gum with their mouth open gets me in such a bad mood I have to get up and leave. I also can't stand when the boys jiggle the door knobs. And when they sit on the edge of the couch cushion and the cushion is about to fall of or does fall off. When I find dirty socks in the couch.

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answers from Minneapolis on

When customer's come through my line at wal-mart, put all the items on the belt in a jumbled unorganized mess, but still expect me to bag their items in an organized fashion (Meaning, boxes only go with boxes, cans only go with cans, frozen with frozen... You get it). I normally try to bag the items like that anyway, because it just makes more sense. However, I don't want to have to reach all over the damn belt just to get it done. So if you have 3 boxes and 3 cans on one end of the belt, and 3 boxes and 3 cans on the other end of the belt... Guess what. Your boxes and cans are going in a bag together.

Customer's who bring a ton of stuff up to the belt, end up not having enough money to buy it all, then decide that they'll "put back" (By put back, I of course mean hand me) items that we have to claims out and throw away (Like frozen items, or produce, or bakery goods... If you hand us those items, they have to be thrown away because we don't know how long the frozen items were out of the freezer and we don't know what you could have done to the produce or bakery good (Possible poisoning)). I don't care if you want to "put back" a can of beans or a box of macaroni because that can all go back out on the shelf... But when you put back a gallon of milk, some cheese, some meat, and a few other frozen items instead of that $20 movie that you just HAVE to have... That just pisses me off.

Oh, and people who eat loudly or with their mouth open... That makes me want to punch people right there.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

When I'm the only person in a public restroom with six stalls, and the next person who comes in uses the stall RIGHT NEXT to me.

When people shout over the tops of their cubicles to each other, or talk so loudly on the phone (in our cubicle environment) that I have to think out loud just to hear myself. Or play music loudly. And then complain because her cube is too close to the conference table and she can't work when there's a meeting going on, so now we're not allowed to use the table and have to squeeze into my boss's small office. Yes I'm talking about one person in particular. Can you tell she gets on my nerves?!? Other than that, I really like her! --just wish she had a different office :P

Oh yes - and reading posts on here with no punctuation like one big run on sentence you have to read it two or three times to figure out what they mean because they don't use any periods.

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