Pest Control Needed in SW Arlington

Updated on July 06, 2009
L.V. asks from Arlington, TX
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I have ants in my kitchen! Not the little sugar ants, either. These suckers are big (but smaller than carpenter ants)! I need a reliable, affordable pest control company near my home in SW Arlington. Any recommendations? I have a 2 yr old and pets, so whatever they use needs to be safe around kids and pets. Thanks!

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Pest One is a family owned business. Steve and his wife own and operate the business, so you won't have a variety of people coming to your home and they are very affordable. I've used them for years and years. For an idea of cost, he sprays the inside and outside of our farmhouse and the kids' treehouse 4 times a year and it costs about $60 each time. We have children and tons of animals, so everything he uses is kid and pet friendly. I don't have his number with me, but if you want it, let me know and I'll get it from home for you.

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Try turro ant killer. We've had everything from sugar ant to flying ants that love the stuff and it's only $4 at home depot. It's awesome stuff!

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Myers Pest Control on Matlock. They are great, safe and trustworthy!



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We've been using Carson Pest Control for several years now, based on the recommendation of my grandmother who used them for YEARS and YEARS. They are not the cheapest, but they are definitely affordable and offer great service. We had them out the first time when we had ants in our kitchen. They disappeared within a day never to reappear again. Now we have them out quarterly mostly because we live in the country and tend to have a lot of spiders. They've never had to treat for the ants again. Good luck!



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We have used Ameritech for 18 years! They come once a quarter and charge 43.25. Then if something 'shows up' between times they handle it with no charge. They have had to come out a few extra times over the years and I have always felt they were trustworthy. If you have termites or carpenter ants it is an extra charge as it takes a special type of chemical for that-but overall I think you will be pleaed. We are!



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We live in SW Arlington too and have ants, but ours ARE carpenter ants. They are quite large and are half red and half black. If you see any like that, they are carpenter ants. Just an FYI. We've had pest control out twice and we are still seeing ants in our kitchen. We can't figure out where they are coming from and so it's quite frustrating. I liked our pest guy, but since we still have the problem, I wouldn't recommend him. Good luck!

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