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Updated on August 01, 2011
L.S. asks from Derby, KS
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Hello Ladies!!

I'm seeking some help from either a personal trainer, or someone who knows a bit about working out. I've recently lost 50 lbs. and am now at a plateau and need to incorporate some weight lifting to get passed this. I'm needing to lose about 40 more and I'm needing help.

I've heard there are certain muscle groups to work on at different times and so many times per week. I've never been in "shape" per se, and I'm wanting to finally get there, not only for myself, but for my family.

I DO know that lifting weights may actually make me gain weight, and that's fine! I'm looking into making myself smaller and more fit, so if I don't actually lose the last 40 lbs. completely, but tighten up...that would be GREAT!!!

Thank you so much!!! Have a wonderful week!!

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answers from Kansas City on

First, congratulate yourself on the weight loss you have already achieved! If this is something you truly wanted for you, you have an outstanding chance of maintaining it!
Now, without knowing what type of exercise you are currently doing, how long you have been doing it and what your goals are...It sounds like you are probably ready to add some weights in. First and foremost, form is everything! You need to either look into a good trainer to show you some basic activities or if you are a good visual learner, look into a good book or fitness guide (I recommend and all of my clients receive "Training Fan--Fitness Training Guide" by Benefit Health. It's a great resource that tells you what muscles you are working, the benefits, and how to do it; even offers alternatives.) You are correct, you need a "rest" day for your muscles to effectively rebuild.
Another potential plateau point for you could be the need for interval training to be incorporated into your fitness routine. (Not all interval training involves running!) And diet is also a factor to be considered.
I wish you the best and you are welcome to message me personally either about weight training (even the Training Fan if you are interested, I am fairly certain you can buy it from Amazon, I get mine through my association.) or if there is any other question I may be able to help you with.
In good health,

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answers from Minneapolis on

I've worked out quite a bit over the years, but am not a weight-lifting expert. If you are using free weights and not machines, you could use a workout plan like these:

The main thing is to pay attention to technique and form most, not the amount of weight you are lifting. Start very light and work up as you get stronger. Also, pay attention to your body. If something hurts, don't do it. Eventually, you want to work up to the point where the muscles you are using are fatigued, and can't do another rep. Don't worry about this at first, but that is the goal.

When I started a weight program, I would work out 2 or 3 times/week. I did the whole routine each time. If you'd rather work out every day, then just divide up the exercises - arms one day and legs the next or whatever works best for you.

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answers from St. Joseph on

I'm not sure I'm what you're looking for, but here is who I am. I am an Independent Beachbody Coach. As a Beachbody coach, I can motivate and encourage you throughout your fitness journey.

I am no expert, but I've spent years learning about fitness and correct eating habits. Yes, lifting weights may actually make you gain weight, but the reason for that is muscle weighs more than fat, so while you may be gaining weight you are also losing inches, which decreases your BMI. A bit of advice....never trust the scale. Measure yourself and keep track of your inches, not your pounds.

If you are interested, I am offering you my services as a Beachbody coach for free. There is a business side of Beachbody, but if you are not interested in that, then that is fine. My main goal in becoming a Beachbody coach has never been the business itself, but helping people to reach their fitness goals.

Feel free to check out my coach page: You can contact me via email at [email protected] or via facebook: L. Perkins, Independent Beachbody Coach.

Looking forward to hearing from you!!!



answers from Naples on

I would have to know more about your workout routine and diet. Diet plays a 90% role In weight loss. If you can hire a personal trainer or get into a group class that is led by a personal trainer not a fitness instructor. Check out it is an awesome workout and fairly inexpensive. I am addicted and lost all my baby weight and then some. I was so strong and fit. I had to take time off for a knee injury then I got pregnant so I'll go back after the baby is born. Good luck



answers from Kansas City on


The best way to keep your body balanced is to do what they call Muscle Confusion exercises. All that means is try not to do the same exercise routine at the gym everyday. Do strength training, cardio, and yoga. Even if you can not get to the gym try to incorporate your day into a workout. Like Vacuuming, dusting the house, include some lunges, glute squeezes, calf raises, breathing really connecting to the belly while exhaling when pulling back on the sweeper or mop.. Do a yoga class to help you release stress and gain a more positive attitude about who you are and how far u have come so far in your weight lose.. Start a nice sweet waljoling --"walk and jog" build slowly and wear pedometer or use the Nike plus system.. so you can see your progress.
When u can incorporate this into a realistic habit your will have a created new lifestyle . Lastly find a Holistic Dr. that will check you for candida and get a nutritional scan done..Sometimes it is the foods we eat that block our ability to lose more..or we have lost so much our bodies can not get rid of all the toxins quick enough and your lymph ducts get blocked.. I hope this helped!
light of love and Divine grace.
K. C.

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