Personal Finance / Budgeting Book or Course?

Updated on February 28, 2011
H.A. asks from San Francisco, CA
7 answers

Hi there,

My husband and I are having a terrible time keeping our finances in order. I did just fine before we were married, but somehow together we're very disorganized. Does anyone have a book suggestion or mini online course they can recommend to help us get our act together? We need help with very basic stuff.


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answers from Pittsburgh on

Just to re-state what others have already....go get O. of Dave Ramsays books. TMM or Financial Peace. The concepts are the same. Simple plan. Works. Good luck!



answers from Salt Lake City on

I was going to recommend Dave Ramsey but 2 people have already beat me to it. The Total Money Makeover is a great place to start.



answers from Houston on

Dave Ramsey is great, but you could also try these online tools that help you budget your finances: There are calculators for personal budgeting, planning for retirement, planning for college funding, calculating home loans and even debt consolidation.



answers from Topeka on

Dave Ramsey has some really excellent books on Family Finance...go to your local Barnes and Noble...and look at the books that he has to offer...I think you will find something that you will like.



answers from Portland on

I second Dave Ramsey. You can check him out at
Not only will he help with finances but he helps couples communicate about money as well. My husband and I have been following him for several years and we have never been so in sync on money issues in our entire lives.
Good luck.



answers from Chicago on

ditto Dave Ramsey but I would recommend taking the class's a fun class & very pay a one time fee & can go as many times as you would like in the future. My husband and I are taking it for a second time right now, even though we never had any debt besides our mortgage and one car payment, but there is a lot more info on top of how to pay off cc debt. He will give you all the forms & much more, which will help you keep your finances in order.



answers from New York on

You may want to check your local Board of Education - Adult Education division, for classes that may be offered in your area.

I heard many people use Quicken or Quick Books. I'm not familar with it.

Personally, I think a simple excel spread sheet works best. Track all your expenses for a month or two. I've also found it helpful to make a list of all my monthly bills and their due dates.

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