Period After Mirena Taken Out....

Updated on October 25, 2010
L.B. asks from Redmond, OR
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Hi all, I just got my Mirena IUD out on October 11th and I was wondering how long and what your first period was like after taking your IUD out?? I am curious because I am trying to figure out when I would be ovulating..... On Thursday I had some very light spotting once and then some spotting once again today (Saturday). So do I use the first spotting date or do I wait until my period starts more consistantly, or should I buy a pregnancy test.... So confused, any thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!

*** I forgot to mention that I haven't had a period in 4+ years, I was on the shot for 2 years and got pregnant right away before I had a period, and then after pregnancy I went right on the Mirena and only had some light spotting here and there, so I have no idea what my "normal" cylce would be to have a clue when I would be ovulating or when I would miss my period....

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answers from Philadelphia on

my husband likes to joke i was pregnant when i came home from my appoinment to have mine removed ;-)
i did have a normal-ish period about a week after the removal. I had a postive pregnany testing within a month.
i would do whatever will make you comfortable.... i am someone who need to wait or I would have driven myself nuts taking a test every day ;-)

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answers from Portland on

I got mine out and waited for a period that never came. Apparently, I ovulated about 2-3 weeks after removal and got pregnant. Good luck.

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answers from Nashville on

You will usually bleed when they take it out. I did for exactly one week and the doctor said not to count that as your period and you should get your first period in about a month. And mine came about a month after i got it removed and it was a normal period. Also when i first got mine removed i bleed really really heavy. I had mine removed end of may 2010.


answers from Redding on

The Mirena doesnt affect your cycle timing at all. You should ovulation the same time as you did before (if you can remember when that was). I got mine out on the 16th, period came the 18th (same as before), ovulated the 1st and got pregnant! I would suggest purchasing some ovulation sticks (can get them on amazon for a couple dollars), they worked for me.




answers from Portland on

My periods were *almost* nonexistant while I had the Mirena in. When I had it taken out I was close to starting anyway. A few days after it was removed, I had the heaviest period I had had since having the thing put in. It was actually kind of refreshing to bleed! So for me, my period returned to normal immediately.

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