Period 5 Days Late---then Brown (Old) Blood with Slight Cramps----

Updated on October 20, 2010
C.C. asks from Ramsey, IN
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I'm a 29 year old woman and I was wondering what's going on---I was 5 days late and then I noticed when I wiped there was some brown (old) blood....I thought, "Hmmm, okay---I guess I'm going to start my period".....I put on a pantyliner because it was light enough I didn't require a pad or tampon. Several hours later, I start to cramp a little and had to pee again. I noticed that there was no brown blood or red blood on my's only when I wipe. It's been like that for more than 24 hours now....Usually by now---I'm bleeding the more fresh blood.

I'll admit---It had crossed my mind that I might be pregnant---but then I thought I was just late....anyone have any idea what could be going on?

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So What Happened?

I went and bought a couple of EPT's ----and I peed on both. Both were negative. Thank you everyone for your help....I was going to wait until I was 7 days late....but I guess I should've just tested. Thank you again---everyone!

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5 days late, is late enough to take a test! It sounds more like a period, though. This happens to me from time to time.

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Take a preg test and stop guessing.

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That could very well by symptoms of implantation bleeding. Go to the dollar store and buy 2-3 $1 pregnancy tests. Do not test today, but first thing tomorrow morning, using your first urine of the day.

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I'm with Jodi... Go get an EPT!!!

Pee on a stick....

Have you peed on a stick yet? : )

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You are probably going to start your period soon. The same thing happens to me I am on day 2 or 3 and I know it will come in the next few days.

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Period could be starting or implantation bleeding,take a pregnancy test...

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Implantation bleeding is my 1st guess.



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It sounds like implantation bleeding. I had that with my third.



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I agree take a test. That was exactly what I had happen when I found out I was pregnant. I had the cramping and old blood as well and kept thinking I was going to start and at first the test I took was negative. Then the next one I was far enough along for it to work and was positive.



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I just saw your update about the negative test...

I *think* this can be a sign of low progesterone. I had that problem a long time ago and did some internet research on it. I would get a brown discharge for about 2 days, then my period would start. I was going to talk to by OB/GYN about it, but got pregnant, then had my tubes tied, so it ceased being an issue for me.

Good luck!!!

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