Peri-urethral Tear During Delivery

Updated on July 05, 2008
M. asks from Lexington, SC
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Has anyone else experienced a periurethral tear during delivery? I have had an awful problem with this healing and at 5 weeks from delivery, I'm still experiencing a lot of discomfort and pain. I had to be worked in a few days after discharged from the hospital due to the excrutiating pain and learned then that the tear or area where it is was irritated. I was given a topical anesthetic which helped tremendously as I couldn't sit, stand or even lie down comfortably. I am scheduled for my 6 week check up next week and they will check it then, but I'm curious if anyone else has had this happen and how long the healing took. Thanks, in advance, for your responses!

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So What Happened?

Thanks to all who responded. As I had stopped with the Tucks pads and sitz baths, etc at the time I sent the request...I decided upon reading your suggestions that maybe they would still help. So I kept the Tucks pads on a regular pad in my panties to help keep it in the right area and had a sitz bath every day or every other day and dried with a hair dryer. I also continued seeing my chiro, which I see pretty often anyway. I am now 8 weeks past delivery and am feeling MUCH better. I still have a little more healing to do, but I'm much more myself now. Thanks again to you all!!!

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My doctor recomended soaking in a warm bath, and then aiming my blow dryer down there. The heat and the warm air helped, and i didn't use toilet paper again until after my 6 week check up. Until then it was all the squeezy bottle. He also perscribed some pain killers that he said would be fine for a nursing mommy. But then my little one slept for almost 18 hours (i had to wake him up to make him eat) so i knocked that out and went back to my advil. Hope you feel better soon!



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I had considerable tearing during my delivery too. It took quite awhile for the pain to go away. I would agree with 12 weeks for no discomfort. Intercourse can still be painful at times...scaring doesn't stretch so if you have a lot of scaring it can hurt. Please let your doctor know if you are having pain that gets worse instead of better and if you have pain with intercourse. They should know to make sure it isn't something else. My thoughts are with you as I remember how hard and frustrating it was.



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Had this with my first-borne child and it just takes time. Mine was much better by six weeks, totally healed with no further discomfort of any kind by 12 weeks. Like any other tear to the skin on the body, healing just takes time and keeping the area clean and dry and medicated. It is a common thing to happen during birth of a child and vaginal deliveries. It's possible that some people may heal faster than others, each person is individual, but just hang in there and watch for symptoms of infection (pain worsens, etc) and you should be fine eventually.



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Hi M.,
I had this problem with when my daughter was born 3 yrs ago. I am a Chiropractor and do things very naturally so this may seem different but it works! My midwife instructed me to take a maxi pad (reg size, and one with some thickness such as Kotex) and cut it into 3 equal sized pieces; soak this in witch hazel until saturated. You then want to put the pieces in the frezzer in a frezzer safe bag. Once frozen, take a piece out and put in directly on the area. You can cut the pieces to the size of the tear and that would make it more helpful. Mine was a few inches long, using this method and chiropractic treatment it seriously healed in less than a week after delivery. You may want to try putting a little extra witch hazel on the area too. This will feel very weird at first but really helps with the pain and for me it was a welcomed weirdness:) I really hope this is helpful for you. It has worked for many!!! Best of luck!



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Man...I can very much relate to this. I was never told it was a "periurethral tear" but I had a significant amount of tearing, as well as an episiotomy with my first child. It was pretty miserable for 6-8 weeks and I can't say I felt "normal" until a few months down the line. It does, however, improve. I found witch hazel pads (Tucks) were very helpful (but stinky), as well the peri bottle they gave me at the hospital (little squeeze bottle I could fill with warm or cold water). They gave me a "sitz bath" which was supposed to help, but just sitting on it hurt, so I bagged that pretty quickly. If nothing else, it's summer, I would try sitting in an "ice bath" good luck and I hope you heal soon.

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