Peppermint or Chamomile for 2 Month Old...

Updated on June 22, 2009
B.M. asks from Milford, MI
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I heard you can give peppermint or chamomile to babies for reflux and tummy aches. Is this true and if so what kind do you give and how much. My daughter is on Prevacid right now, but i do not like giving her drugs. Any help would be great! Thank you.

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answers from Detroit on

I gave my son camomile tea when he had gas pains to soothe his stomach. It does work but infants only need a little bit. If you have a medicine dropper it works great. I believe I gave him a teaspoonful.
My mom was the one who told me about it. She is from Italy and said it is an old fashioned remody as they did not have much medicine back in the day.

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answers from Lansing on

Dear B.,

My son had pretty bad reflux, we never tried peppermint or chamomile, but there were a few other things that helped. Gripe water helped sometimes, they have it at health food stores and Kroger. Mylicon also helped sometimes. He was never able to breast feed, so he had formula. I read several places that the process they use to isolate the DHA in baby formula adds a chemical that bother baby's tummy, so when we switched to Nestles Good Start Supreme without DHA (the purple label) it helped A LOT!!! We can add fish oil to give the oils they need, without the harmful chemicals.

Another trick is this: Hold baby on your lap facing out (back of baby's head on your chest) rub your hands firmly one after the other from the bottom of baby's ribcage to top of diaper for a count of 15. Then bend baby's legs up toward their tummy, hold for a count of 15. Then rub, in a clockwise circle, baby's tummy for a count of fifteen. Bend baby's legs to their tummy again, hold for 15. Repeat process until baby calms down. It usually doesn't take very long. It helps to count out loud in a soothing tone.

Hope this helps.

My heart goes out to you for the loss of your little boy.


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answers from Grand Rapids on

Peppermint can be good to calm an upset stomach, but it can be irritating for reflux. A little chamomile would be ok. I would recommend a little watered down rice cereal. My son has bad reflux also and I would give him a syringe of watery rice cereal - I'm nursing. If you bottle feed you could put it in the bottle. It helps to keep the food down. Ask your doctor about it.



answers from Detroit on

Hi B.,
I trust that you will read all of your responses and evaluate them to find the best solution for your precious little girl.
I have used the following for years.....with great success....and a side note -- it even works for Momma's and Dad's other words, this works on all ages, you just need to adjust the amounts for the size of the person.

Supplies /Ingredients: bottled water, regular white table sugar and peppermint extract. (you can buy the extract in the spice isle at the grocery store) Baby bottle and teaspoon.
For your infant: take 2 ounces of bottled water - at a tepid temperature. Take the Peppermint Extract - pour just a little bit onto the tip of the spoon...move the spoon around to coat it with the extract....then pour /tap the excess extract back into the extract bottle -- the spoon will have a coating on it.....stir this into the water. Next, take the same spoon and just put 1/4 to 1/2 of the bowl of the spoon into the table sugar bowl....the sugar will do not want a lot of sugar....stir this into the water.
Now you are ready to give this to your daughter. Make sure that you burp her, as this mixture works quickly on little ones. ;-)
I trust that this is helpful for you and your family. It worked wonders for my 5 month old granddaughter last week...let's just say that she was much happier 'after' Grandma gave her some peppermint water and her tummy settled down.
If you have any additional questions - feel free to contact me at - [email protected]
~K. T~



answers from Detroit on

First off I would have your baby checked by a chiropractor that specializes in children. is a great website to find one. Next I would get your child started on some probiotics. CountryLife makes a great one called babydolophis. Also, there is a strong correltation between reflux in babies and type A personalities in mothers. If that happens to be you, try to call down, relax and enjoy time with your baby - especially during feedings!
Hope this helps!



answers from Detroit on

My daught born with SEVER Gerd. born 9lbs 2oz at 8 weeks old she weighed 9lbs 1oz. I feel for you - really. Every child is different. She did not sleep in a crib until she was 8 1/2 months. It is still elevated. She is almost 9 months.
It will get better.
What worked for us. Prevacid 1 pill 2xs a day. Zantec 3xs a day .8ml & Soy formula with a teaspoon of rice ceral for every once. It worked.
I would start with the rice ceral in the bottle. Soy is heavier then the hypo kind. I used to say if I am giving her hypo kind I would spare her the pain and just dump it down the front of me.
Go see a gastro. Talk to your DR. Even if you are calling them 3 times a day. That is what they are there for.
My daughter is now down to 1 1/2 a prevacid pill a day and rice in her soy formula.
Childrens hospital has some great GASTRos. Mine is on Orchard lake rd in Farmington hills. She didn't like my daughter on all the meds either - but, the meds is what worked.
Just remember, just as if you had heartburn & it hurts - that is what your baby is feeling. We wouldn't like to have that 24-7 for months at a time. See a gastro - keep her upright - sleep in a swing or in your arms. I know it is hard. Hang in there. This too shall pass.
Good luck



answers from Detroit on

Try to look it up on

I have heard you can give a teaspoon - not much at all.



answers from Detroit on

The old wives tale treatment is to put a peppermint candy in the bottom of a bottle of water. Use your own judgement.



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Are you nursing or formula-feeding? I couldn't nurse and formula-fed instead. I found that the reflux completely stopped by switching to the hypoallergemic formulas (Enfamil-Nutramigen or Similac-Alimentum). Those little tummies often eventually come around, but dairy is so hard for them to digest in the beginning. If you are nursing, you could stop the dairy in your diet...but it could also be the wheat, corn, eggs too. I'm not sure if that would work or not because nursing is different, but it might be worth a try (try dairy first by itself for a week).

I know the hypoallergenic formulas are expensive!! But if that is the route you choose, it is only temporary...that 12 month mark creeps up on you fast...and their tummies are so much happier/they sleep so much better too.

Good luck B., and BLESS YOUR HEART for what you/your family has been through!



answers from Detroit on

Be very very careful with peppermint. It can be good for reflux, but if you over do it, you can cause more damage. My mother did that several years ago. She was using peppermint in her tea and coffee, then she was sucking on peppermints all the time. She burned her esophagus (sp). I went to the health food store and used a digestive enzyme for both my children. I would put a tiny bit in their bottles and it helped.

Good luck, the chamomile will help sooth a fussy baby, it's a calming herb.

Chelle E



answers from Saginaw on

Hi B.! I am so sorry for your loss of your son, but congratulations on your daughter. I have two healthy daughters ages 6 and 9. My doctor recommended and it worked beautifully on my two girls. Mylicon drops for infants. You give them the drops before they eat and it soothes their bellies before. I breast feed my girls both for about 2 years and it helped us tremendously. I also watched what I ate, even potatoes that made me gassy, I kept away from. Good luck!




answers from Detroit on

I have heard of that too and the pepermint work great. If you give the babies or young children the acid reflux meds from the dr. they usually are minty anyway. Also my kids love the red and whit pepermints two of them suck on those occasionally. If your using a essential oil to treat I would do two to three drops 2 times a day and if your too concern ask the person you purchase it from what they would do.