Pen Mark on My Couch

Updated on November 24, 2008
L.S. asks from Grand Forks, ND
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Can anyone tell me how to get pen marks off of my microfiber couch?? My 20 month old daughter has been scribbling with pen and paper and the other day I was gone and her dad was "watching" her and she got to the couch without him seeing her and left about 4 marks on it. I cant seem to find anything to take it off.

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for all your advise. I used the baby wipes and with some scrubbing it got it off!!! Boy was I happy!!

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answers from Milwaukee on

I suggest Hairspray on the couch. You spray the Hairspray onto the "inked" area and blot with a absorbant cloth continue the process until the ink is gone. Follow up with a mild soap and water to avoid a ring around the spot.
I have used the Hairspray for many years to remove ink spots on fabric and it works quite well.
Best of luck and I hope you ink disappears.



answers from Minneapolis on

A washcloth with dish soap is all I've ever used any my darling son has recently decided the couch is a great thing to color on... pen, crayon, marker - the washcloth with dish soap takes it out - some takes a bit more scrubbing, but it all comes out without wrecking the fabric. And I usually make my son help me clean it up when he's done it - he tells me that's what a good boy does when he's been naughty. I guess he just gets carried away with his creativity and forgets!

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answers from Madison on

Hi L. -- If it's ballpoint pen, use hairspray! This works on anything that can be spot-cleaned. The first spraying will turn the stuff purple and scare you to death, but wipe it off with a damp cloth and spray/wipe off again. Keep doing it til it's gone. Then use more damp cloth to remove hairspray! I've used this on clothes & upholstery many times. Oh, and it works on dolls' faces, too! Good luck! L.

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answers from Waterloo on

The best thing I have found so far for cleaning my microfiber couch is baby wipes. (I actually use them to "clean" quite a few things.) I had a daycare child write on my light colored microfiber couch. It took a little bit of light rubbing, I didn't want to scrub to hard, but it all did come out.
Good luck.



answers from Milwaukee on


I write with pen all day long and get it on my clothes sometimes. My 21 month old son has put pen and marker marks on our couches. I am not sure if our couches are microfiber but I use alcohol swabs or alcohol with cotton balls on any pen marks!! Maybe you could try it somewhere conspicuous (sp?) first. Alcohol ALWAYS works for me!

Good luck!



answers from St. Cloud on

I have had AMAZING results getting red crayon and a variety of pen marks out of our suade couches with a product called Folex. It is in a big white spray bottle; I believe it's meant for carpet stains, but again; has saved us from stains in a variety of places, including clothes. (my mom let my daughter play with a pen and paper one day and it was allll over her clothes - this got it out!)



answers from Minneapolis on

cheap hair spray. The alcohal in the hairspray desolves the ink on fabric. It works! I tried it on walls & floor also as my little one got a hold of a pen and decided to draw on my kitchen walls. I just sprayed it on & rubbed it off. I may take a few applications on the couch but it should come out. After that I would rinse with straight water in a spray bottle to get the hairspray off your fabric. Good luck!
PS You may want to is 3m scotch guard as a protector for any future mishaps.



answers from Minneapolis on

We have a microfiber couch as well and I always use babywipes to get the pen marks out. Sometimes it takes a bit of scrubbing if I don't notice it right away but it does always come out. We do have scotchgaurd protection on the fabric so I think that may help it come out easier.



answers from Omaha on

I have an carpet guy who does furniture as well. He can get most anything off. If you are in the Omaha area, I can give you his number. He also gave me a product for between cleanings called "POOF!" and I have had great luck with it.

good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

When we bought our couch, the salesman actually did a demonstration where he drew on the couch with pen. He just sprayed a little bit of 409 on it and wiped with a cloth. It came right off without damaging the couch. You can wipe it with soapy water after to get the 409 off. I love microfiber!



answers from Fargo on

I just had to clean a 2 inch diameter ink spot out of my microfiber couch a couple weeks ago. I couldn't believe that it had happened, and it was right in the center of the main cushion. I did some research online and every website that I went to said to use Purell Hand Sanatizer. I used it and it was amazing! I just used a white cloth, and dabbed the sanatizer on, and kept repeating and it pulled out the ink! You could never even tell that it was on there! My husband never even knew!



answers from Wausau on

Hi L.,
Aahh the pleasures of motherhood! ha ha :) The easiest thing I have found is called Sol-u-mel. Gets permanent marker off carpet and couches and anything else they write on. Good Luck ;)



answers from Minneapolis on

Try spraying hairspray on the marks and then blot with clean cloth. It may take several attempts but hairspray usually works.



answers from Davenport on

There is an actual cleaner for microfiber. I bought a kit when we bought our couches and it takes off everything. It's awesome. Maybe check with a furniture store or look up cleaners online.



answers from Minneapolis on

Does your husband "watch" as closely as my husband? :) Usually I come home to find my make up has been put to not so good use:)
My daughter did the same thing so I dissolved some oxyclean in hot water and scrubbed away. It left faint marks but it was better than before so I left it. The next day after it had dried they were gone. One thing about oxyclean does so well it gets the whole area cleaner than the rest so you'll have a "clean mark" if you only spot clean so might as well clean the whole cushion or portion of the couch to avoid that.



answers from Des Moines on

i found a mark or two on my microfiber couch and just took a wet paper towel & came right out ?? good luck

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