Pelvic Pain from Sitting (During Pregnancy)

Updated on September 02, 2010
L.G. asks from Tampa, FL
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I'm 14 weeks pregnant, and the last couple days I've been getting bad pelvic pain from sitting in my office chair. Each morning I'm fine until I start sitting, but within half an hour I'm hurting. The pain lasts for a while, even once I get up and start moving around. This is my second pregnancy, and my belly is much larger than it was at 14 weeks the first time.

I've tried making adjustments to my chair, it's not helping. Anyone experience this and have any tips?

Thank you!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone, I'm trying out your suggestions! I see my Dr next week and then will hopefully know for sure what is going on.

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answers from Boca Raton on

Bring a yoga ball to work and sit on that instead of the chair. Swap them out. Also, check on youtube to find out all the uses for the ball. I am preggo too and just did this.



answers from Tampa on

Common to get an instability in the pelvis- check with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Assn- folks trained in the Webster technique for comfortable pregnanacies. Or send me a message, and I'll give you some personal direction.
best, k



answers from Miami on

This is a bit personal but by any chance are you constipated? In the beginning of my 3rd one around that time between the hormones raising, the extra fluid we're carrying and the pressure of my bladder sitting ontop of my pelvic area I was also constipated and the pain wouldn't go away until I actually helped myself use the restroom. And sometimes sitting can make it a lot worse. Also remember your body has a memory being that this is not your first pregnancy it is abosolutely normal for you to shower sooner than the first but put two and two together - you just might be bloated.



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Have you tried using a footrest while you're sitting?



answers from Tampa on

With both my pregnancies I too had the WORST pelvic pain. It’s called Pubic Dysplasia (where the ligaments of the public bone stretch), but I only suffered the last 3-4 months of pregnancy. I couldn't stand or walk without excruciating pain and I couldn't even lift my leg to put on my undies. It was like I had sat on the most uncomfortable bicycle seat for 12 hours – the pain was so horrible. Soon as the kids were born, the pain went away (thank God!)

I didn't find anything that really helped me. But I did use a little pillow to put on seats, behind my back, under my knees etc.


answers from Detroit on

I'm guessing it feels like you've gotten (pardon the bluntness) kicked in the crotch...

The only way I felt better with that is by putting a pillow on my seat and making sure I got up at least once an hour and walked around for awhile.

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