Peeling Feet?

Updated on May 10, 2009
D.K. asks from Broomfield, CO
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My daughter lately when I have looked at her feet, has skin in large areas, peeling off, almost like a blister was there but wasn't. It is in between her toes too. It is NOT red, inflammed or itchy, just like it is peeling, almost like when you have a sunburn.

She has not gotten her feet wet like in her shoes, I have no idea what is going on.
We have a dermotologist appt in a few weeks to have all her moles checked anyway and I will asked but is so weird. Mainly on the soles of her feet and around her toes. It doesn't phase her, not oozing or what you would think athletes foot looks like...any ideas?

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So What Happened?

Thanks!! You all are awesome. It is going away, not sure why, I think I like the theories about growth, or just something due to her not having her feet out and in socks over the winter. I have had her go withotu socks here when she is home inside and keep them moisturized. They do not itch, there is not redness and looking up the symptoms of athletes foot I am fairly certain it is not that. It seems to be not as bad.
Her appt to the dermotologist isn't until a few weeks due to her having lot's of moles and want to have them all checked, so I will ask again then. Thank you all so much!

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answers from Cheyenne on

I also had peeling feet as a kid. I had my share of athlete's foot (esp after going to the water park), but this is not itchy or anything like athlete's foot. It did go away, but occasionally my feet (and hands) will peel again. I don't think it is caused by anything major...I did have extremely sweaty feet grwoing up and always had to wear white cotton socks, "airy" shoes and did lots of powder, etc in my shoes and on my feet each night! Ask the MD just in case, but I don't think it is anything to worry about...just lots of fun to peel off!

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answers from Denver on

I agree with seeing the dermatologist. Should they prescribe a medication, I would avoid using products with chemicals. I generally have better luck with botanically-based products which don't have mineral oil, dyes, or fragrances. However, if it's a type of bacteria or infection, sometimes the prescription drugs work wonders. I have found the people at Vitamin Cottage (77th & Wadsworth) to be very helpful with suggestions on natural products, too.



answers from Boise on

That sounds just like my husband's athlete's foot. His doesn't ooze or anything, the skin just peels off. And it's only the ball of his foot and between his toes.

But you'd think if it were athlete's foot, she'd have mentioned that it itches. It drives my husband nuts.

If you decide to try some athlete's foot spray, my husband says the store-brand stuff doesn't work (we've tried Equate brand from Walmart), but to buy the cheapest of the name-brands. It's usually Tinactin. And he doesn't like the spray powder, just the liquid spray.


answers from Fort Collins on

You know, I haven't thought about it in years...but after reading your question, I remember having peeling feet a lot as a kid. I don't know that we ever found out why.

I also had athlete's foot once...and the other peeling was NOT the same. The athlete's foot itched/hurt and went away with treatment...the other peeling did not.

I would ask the doctor about it since you are going in anyway...but I wouldn't worry...and I wouldn't make a trip to the doc just for that. It's probably not a big deal if it is not bothering her. My feet haven't done that in years and years now.



answers from Pueblo on

Hi, D.. I actually just took my 2 1/2 yr old daughter to the dr this past week for this problem. I noticed it last year that her feet were very peely. Once summer was over they got better so I just figured it was from wearing sandles so much. But this year they started peeling towards the end of winter and have continued since then-mostly in between and on the bottom of her toes. After examining her feet the dr said there is really nothing to worry about since her feet are not itchy or red. I always tell my daughter not to peel the skin since she could cause a bigger problem by doing so. I would really like to know what your dermatologist says so please give an update. Hope you have a great Mother's Day!! :)



answers from Pocatello on

My siblings and I all had the same thing happen to us. We were told it was just cause our feet were growing. We usually did end up needing a larger size shoe around the times it happened. I wouldn't worry about. I think it's a fairly normal thing to have happen.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Sounds like athletes foot. I used to get this as a kid. They have sprays that help, but also just letting the skin dry out (e.g. have her go bare foot) seems to help.

Just be sure you wash your hands after touching it - daughter too. It can spread quite easily to your hands, and then those will start peeling too.

I just also noticed someone posted to pee on it in the shower. I too have heard that peeing on athletes foot will cure it. Worth a shot.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I remember having peeling feet as a kid and so did my sister. I remember thinking it was funny. It was not big deal and it didn't last long. I think it is part of growing up and it completely normal.



answers from Casper on

If it is fungal, I highly recommend alphacura products. They are natural and work better than prescriptions.

You can get rid of moles naturally too. I have been using herbs and mine are disappearing. It can take a while, but I like knowing that I'm taking care of the underlying problem as well.



answers from Colorado Springs on

I know it sounds gross, but I wonder if you can get her to pee in the shower. That's the Army's cure-all for athletes foot-just pee on 'em. Apparently it works well!
Walmart sells basic anti-fungal cream... if you don't want to use athlete's foot treatments (& I don't think I would w/o the doc signing off since she's so young), try smearing her up w/anti-fungal cream, prop her feet up & watch at least one show on the Disney Channel. By the time the cartoon is over, some of it will have absorbed & she won't slick up the carpet w/it.
Before you do anything w/her though, take a pic or two so you can take them to the doc & say "here's what it looked like, how do I take care of it?"



answers from Denver on

Hi there,
I don't know if it is atheletes foot or not, but my son gets the same thing, and has had it on and off since he was a few months old. No itching, burning, just flaking and peeling.
I think it has something to do with wearing socks all of the time. What I do is put the anit fungal cream on from the store and then every night let him sleep without socks on. This controls it most of the time, but when we start to notice the peeling, we just do the cream. Sometimes it goes away in a few days, others it takes a few good 3-4 weeks of applying it 2 times a day.
Good luck!



answers from Denver on

I had athletes foot when I was younger and that sounds like what I was experiencing with my feet. My infant daughter gets athletes feet if she is wearing socks for more than a few hours and the concentration of it is in between her toes.

I recommend having her put cornstarch on her feet before putting socks on. This will soak up any moisture, thus (hopefully) solving the problem. Hope that helps!

Have a GREAT day!




answers from Provo on

I don't know if it is athletes foot or not. I had this all growing up and was just told my feet couldn't "breathe". So I'd wear sandals all summer and it would go away but come back in the winter time. It never bothered me at all, I hardly noticed it. I've basically grown out of it now. I use to also think that it was eczema but I don't think that's what it was because I have that on my hands

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