Peeling and Tiny Bubbles Under the Skin on My Palms???

Updated on November 13, 2010
S.X. asks from Libertyville, IL
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I get this every fall. It starts on my palms.... looks like tiny little blisters but they rarely have anything in them (i've popped them with a pin and some have water in them)... then it peels like eczema. Last year it spread my entire palm and stopped at the wrist. This year it started on my wrist (ouch!). I've used tricimilol (my sons) (sp?) 2x a day but doesn't help anymore. anyone know what this is called? I don't want to shell out the $60 copay for a determotologist if its something stupid. My husband says he's gotten it on his palms and the bottom of his feet, but his little bubbles pop on their own and it was way worse than mine....and i haven't seen it (before i met him) thanks.

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answers from Atlanta on

Sounds nuts, but I used to have this every fall as a child. Nothing helped! My cousin told me to rub Selson Blue dandruff shampoo on my hands like lotion and sleep in gloves, and it worked! It worked every time! I eventually stopped getting it, but it works!

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answers from Las Vegas on

I wonder if you are having an immune reaction to something that you are exposed to each fall. I would probably go see a allergy doctor to have it checked out. I've heard that if you eat local raw honey (made from bees in your region) that this helps to reduce allergy symptoms.

Best of luck finding out what the condition is and how to treat it.



answers from Boston on

I know! My husband has this too and I think I caught it from him - we get it on our fingers, not palms. No ideas, but you're not alone. Good luck.



answers from Boise on

Maybe it is fungal.

Some vitamin deficiencies will cause peeling skin. Maybe you can google peeling fingers



answers from Allentown on

S., I would recommend using the Renew lotion as well as the handwash- you may also want to get the body wash- as your husband gets this on his feet. It seems like just a seasonal thing but the renew will help clear it up- hopefully prevent it from occuring! Best of luck! Msg me if you aren't able to find the Renew!



answers from Chicago on

sounds like what i have . its a weird form of psoriasis and can pop up in different places. i hope yours goes doesnt though....anyways i changed to all natural body soaps shampoos cleaning products etc. Id watch what you wash your hands with. Forget the creams they do nothing! mine would flare up in the winter and go completely away while pregnant.. My moms flares up exactly on her hands like you and also her knees. good luck



answers from Los Angeles on

I get this too on my feet and hands! I remember going to a dermatologist about it years ago and she said it was a seasonal thing. I forget what its called and why it happens but there isn't really anything you can do...just wait for the seasons to change =P



answers from Chicago on

Hi S.,

I'm not an expert, but it sound to me like it might be contact dermatitis, something I also had on my hand/wrist. It started out as eczema (an allergic reaction to my rings) and just got worse. My doctor gave me prescription hydrocortisone gel, which I applied every night for 2 weeks. You then need to take 2 weeks off (since hydrocortisone is a steroid cream) and then you can do it again for 2 weeks.

She also said that I should make sure that my hands were completely dry after washing them, and to use a hand cream (like Neutrogena Norwegian formula hand cream --- Eucerin and Aquafor make similar products) after every time I washed my hands.

It was always worse in winter.

You could probably try doing this with over-the-counter hydrocortisone, but I would recommend seeing a doctor if it doesn't get better in a couple of weeks.

Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

I had something similar on the side of my hand for a few months last winter. What did the trick for me was the following:
1) as tempting as it is, don't touch it, scratch it, rub it, etc.
2) put a generous amount of Cortaid on there without rubbing it in
3) put a big ol' band-aid over the affected area, over the Cortaid and all.
4) Repeat daily
After a week or so of this, I started to finally see some progress (after almost 2 months of it being there and spreading down the side of my hand).

Interestingly enough, I haven't gotten it since. Good luck to you!



answers from Chicago on

Eczema, my husband gets it. DO NOT POP THE BLISTERS!!!! You will make it worse. My husband got a cortizone cream from the doctor that really helped, not much needed. Stress is a big contributor to the outbreak.



answers from Chicago on

Definitely dyshidrotic eczema. I've had it all my life off and on, and it's directly tied to stress for me. It can also be seasonal. Corticosteroid creams do the trick for me, which can only be prescribed by a doc. As tempting as it is to pop the bubbles, I think that makes it worse. Below is a site about it. Sorry!



answers from Chicago on

Does your son get it too?


answers from Minneapolis on

Like Jane I get it on my fingers, sometimes around my ring finger only, sometimes around a few different fingers. Sometimes on the tips by my fingernails. I don't knwo what it is, and a dermatologist was no help.... so I guess I am not either. :)

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