Pee on a down Comforter

Updated on December 07, 2010
E.M. asks from Boulder, CO
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My toddler just had an accident on our bed. She peed all the way through the down comforter. The spot is about 11 inches by 7 inches. Is it a lost cause? It goes all the way through to the other side. It is real down.

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answers from Jacksonville on

You can machine wash it in a FRONT load washing machine that should be at least 4 cubic ft if it is a home one. Othewise take it to the laundry mat and wash it there. You can dry it in a regular dryer with tennis balls or clean sneakers to fluff the feathers while it tumbles.

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answers from San Francisco on

Unless the outer fabric is dry clean only, you should be able to wash a down comforter. I wash my down comforters and pillows all the time. Just be sure to dry them thoroughly. If you throw a clean tennis ball (or something else heavy) in with the dry cycle it will help fluff it as well.

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answers from Chicago on

I wash my down comforters all the time. When you dry it, throw some tennis balls in with it.

It is so not a loss, once you wash it, you'll never know!!


answers from Topeka on

I use Oxy Clean powder for really tough stains and for smelly items. Just throw a cup of it in the washer machine along with your regular detergent. It should be fine to wash it, just air dry it when you are done.



answers from Seattle on

I wash all my down comforters (we have 7 total) once a month to once ever 2 months (if I'm feeling lazy). They just go into the wash individually... and then tennisballs in the dryer.

The most important thing is getting them *completely* dry. The tennisballs knock the feathers around and keep them from clumping and so they dry in about half the time (about 10 hours for a queen size, 7 for a twin). Trick. When you THINK it's completely dry let it go for about 2 more hours. Also... each time it cycles through, pull it out and stuff it back in. That way anything that got folded over doesn't stay that way keeping one small area damp.

It SOUNDS labor intensive... but really... it just means that you can't wash anything else that day, and once every couple hours you have to spend 45 seconds twisting a knob and stuffing it back in in a different angle.



answers from San Antonio on

definitely not a lost cause, our cat has peed on ours countless times. Machine wash it, warm water, a tiny bit of bleach and stain remover and it's fine.



answers from Phoenix on

I thow mine in the washer and dryer all the time.



answers from Houston on

Get some Natures Miracle from the pet store. You saturate it and then let it air dry and the stain and smell will be gone, then I would suggest to have it cleaned. Since Natures Miracle is an enzyme cleaner you want to make sure to use that first. Sometimes other cleaning products can actually chemically set the stain (found that out the hard way!).

With kids and pets I have found keeping Nature's Miracle in the house is a must. It's a bit expensive but it really works. I've tried other enzyme cleaners and nothing works as good!

Good luck!



answers from Sacramento on

down is washable. follow the directions on the comforter - there should be a tag somewhere around the edge. if you dont have a clean tennis ball, clean shoes or slippers work too. if you dont have anything like that, just stop the dryer every so often and shake the comforter to fluff the down.



answers from Pittsburgh on

They can be machine washed if they fit into your washing machine. If not, use a large machine at a laundromat or have it dry cleaned.

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